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Food Flavor Explosion


For if you can take down a family size bag single-handedly but still want to share with your friends:


Saw these at Wawa, had to at least try it

Realized 12 days later, I didn’t put a description…

While the pepperoni is well seasoned, the cheese is extremely bland. Eaten together is tolerable, however there are solo pepperoni sticks available at other stores, which is much more preferable.


Another new one:


yes saw them on the internet awhile back

but where did you get them and how do they taste


I’m trying them now, while waiting for my folks to come pick me up to get a radiator hose.

Stuck on the side of the road till then :unamused::unamused::unamused:


It’s like a blend of regular and tropical Skittles, except spicy. They remind me of those prank candies they used to sell back in the day.


did you get back on the road maou hope you didnt have to wait to long

but will have to try them


I’m putting the new hose on now…

$25 plus $15 for antifreeze…


that not to bad of a price for a hose depending on what type of car you have


Jet black 2002 Chevy Impala with the 3.8


thats a nice lookin car maou

you made a excellent choice in cars :+1:


Wow. It’s been a month since the last unique snack food! Found 4 this morning at Walmart:

Will update when I try em.


I would definitely grab those Twizzlers.



The orange Twizzlers taste like creamsicles, and the lime ones remind me of lime Skittles. Both are really good for something different. Since the package calls it Flavors of Florida, I don’t know if they’re nationwide.


Hey maou

Tried the peach Cheerios before
They are good to me

What about you maou


Haven’t tried them yet, but the Cherry Cola Oreos are surprisingly good! The red cream is cherry flavor and the white cream is cola flavor. Both have popping candy emulating carbonation.


have you tried the cheerios yet maou


Actually, I tried them this morning! The Peach flavor seems a little weak to me, but they are very good. The best part is once you finish them, there is peach flavored milk in the bowl. It’s soooooo delish!


yes it is a slight taste of peach it could be more flavor to it but still good


Got another select your flavor!

Espresso: The flavor blends nicely with the caramel and nougat inside the bar. Not too bad.
P.S. It’s way better than the espresso M&M’s.

Salty and Sweet: This is a jip. There is no difference between this and a regular Snickers :rage: .

Fiery: Haven’t tried it just yet. Will update when I do.


hey maou

did you try the other one yet