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Food Flavor Explosion


Not yet. I’m catching up on my recorded Toonami right now, so might snack on it during the run.


Firey Snickers: The chilli flavor isn’t very noticeable, mainly noticed within the nougat. However, there is a serious afterburn. Honestly this would be perfect for a prank on someone.


yes do they have the mini ones


Not to my knowledge.


you guys should try these if you like salsa @slowhand @maousadao @snowy_stampede

they are pretty good

and you dont need to dip but you can if you want to and add extra flavor lol



I’ll be sure to check if those are available next grocery shopping. Those do look good. Hadn’t come across that flavor yet.


they should have them because they came out with a few new flavor and salsa verde was one of those but yes check and see snowy you might like them


Thanks for thinking of me, but I don’t care for stuff that’s spicy hot.


its not thats spicy it might have a lil after taste but thats it


I think they have em at Wally world. Gonna check on my next visit.


willy is givin you a chance to win free chocolate yall should check the thread out lol


you dont like mild salsa @slowhand



Salsa Verde shouldn’t be that hot.

Literal translation is Green Sauce, meaning one using milder peppers.

I’ll give you the 411 when I find em.

@Kyouta Not Willy, Wally. He’s Willy’s second cousin, once removed :joy:.


yes its not the first willy but he still has some good chocolate lol


These are at CVS. I have to try them:

Ya know, I forgot to update this.

The ranch isn’t potent at all. Not terrible, but have no right to be called Cheetos either.


@Slowhand @Kyouta @Snowy_Stampede

I found a bag at Publix, and trying them, but

They are pretty good. The heat is about equivalent to mild salsa, so probably a no go for Slow.


Yeah, salsa, even mild, is not my friend.


Oreo Is Launching Six New Flavors, And You’re Gonna Freak When You See Them

June 29, 2018


These look interesting.

Haven’t tried the regular Birthday Cake Oreo’s, so the Mickey ones will be a new flavor for me.


I just bought the Pistachio Oreo Thins and they are heavenly.


have you tried these @MaouSadao haven’t try them myself so