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Food Flavor Explosion


I actually was able to try them when Burger King was selling them. Sooooo good :drooling_face:

Also, I found a bag of these at the Haines City Walmart last night:

@Kyouta Why didn’t you say they were this good? The flavor is better than OG Doritos! Kinda like a jalapeno popper with Doritos seasoning!

Seriously. If Taco Bell makes a Doritos Locos Taco of this flavor, it will be the perfect food!!!


so you like them @maousadao yes they are really good


tried these but didn’t like them to well


I’m now curious. Is the white cheddar too mild? Is the jalapeno too prominent? I’ve tried the regular natural white cheddar Cheetos and they weren’t bad at all :thinking:


dont like white cheddar in general so they were bad and you really couldn’t taste the jalapeno that much you could taste it a lil bit but not a lot


Still haven’t found the strawberry shortcake Oreos, but did find these this morning:

Probably will try them when I get up this evening, or after work around 8am tomorrow.

They’re not bad, just really marshmallow flavored. They were with it to try em at least.


They’re randomly flavoured Skittles. Nice for a prank :wink:


That’s genius if you ask me. Like the naming here. TOUCHDOWN!


Goin to try them soon will update you on the taste

Update wow can believe how good these are one of the best flavors


New flavor Doritos!

They taste like Cool Ranch with a cheese flavor added.


These taste ok but you taste is the bacon


These a good but they might not look like it but they have a nice taste to them


These chips are OK but they just taste like regular chips to me


Nothing actually special about these, but super happy to find it in Florida at a Dollar General.

@mgosdin. You might be interested as well :wink:

The UTZ 12-pack snack pack :grin::grin::grin:


The dollar stores are killin it

Before you know it the goin to beat Walmart lol


I’ll have to swing by.

Mark Gosdin


We had a pizza party today at work.

@sugaranimequeen isn’t the only one who likes pineapple on pizza :grin:


They’re back!


back to oreos yay


Found these today at Dollar General:

The cake is a mild apple flavor, while the “icing” is caramel flavored. I would have still preferred an actual caramel apple though…