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Food Flavor Explosion


@maousadao maybe these will be better than the peach


Those sound tasty. I’ve been craving SOMETHING new with cereals, so I’ll be on the lookout for that. :eyes:


The limited edition Nightmare King:

The bun is green! :grin::grin::grin:

It has Beef, Chicken, Mayo, Bacon, Cheese, and Onions.


As much as that thing disturbs me I’d be eating one if I still ate beef . lol


all you have to do is scrape off the beef lol


They’re back! McRib!


r they better than ever lol


Of course! The sauce now comes in smaller packets, so it stays fresher longer!


u cant really read what it says but they r called orchards



What flavors are they?


dont know will look it up

they are red apple, cherry, lime, peach and orange.


I’ll keep my eyes out for them. The 7-11 by my job usually has these limited edition flavors, and if they don’t, Wawa should.


I had those when they originally did them a few years ago . My memory is a bit fuzzy , but I do remember one of the flavors believe it was peach kind of making me want to throw the whole bag out and none really seemed to mix together well like other skittles .


have u guys showed ur patriotism by buy some of these



Does white and blue have a flavor? I would guess cream soda and blueberry if they do.


they have this

Wild Berry (light blue) Blackberry (dark blue) Strawberry (red) Raspberry (dark red) Yumberry (white)


Oh wow I missed the purple there and didn’t notice the two different reds. Not sure what yumberry is but the rest I’m all for.


dont recognise that flavor either i could se if it was gumberry and it taste like mix between bubble gun and berry

but i guess thats what they call the mystery flavor


Found these at Target: