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Food Flavor Explosion


how do they taste


They have lemon, tangerine, grape, pear, and berry.

Not too bad :grin:


how does the pear taste i like pears might have to get some


It tastes like pears lol.

They seriously are good :+1:



would u guys hang these on the tree


So much YES!!!


Found 2 new treats in Publix tonight:

Lobster bisque flavored potato chips :drooling_face:

And Heluva Good dip is the best around. Curious to how the pickle dip tastes :thinking:


It finally happened:


wow have to try that if i can find it


While it sounds like a horrible combination, the flavors meld together very well. Found it at Dollar General for anyone curious.


There’s only one of these that I would try. :slight_smile:

January 16, 2019


What a coincidence!

I found these are Target today!


LOL, that’s NOT the one I’d try.

Do they taste like SweetTarts?


I wouldn’t say exactly like SweetTarts, but the flavor is reminiscent of them :thinking:


I’d go for Dark Chocolate and the most stuf .


Going to try them



Don’t quite live up to their name, do they? :bacon: :cheese: :fries:


I can make them look prettier :wink:.