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Food Flavor Explosion


The same regulation 3 shots of cheese, and 1 spoonful of bacon on a medium order of fries.

Y’all’s opinion. Which looks more appetizing?



The second one looks way better in presentation, but if you want it to be popular it needs more cheese ( 5 or 6 shots if that is 3 ) and 4 or 5 times as much bacon. Never mind that the demand is going to be for a large fries version, with even more “stuff” on it.

These aren’t going to be a money maker for McD’s no matter what they do. But, if you are going to offer cheesy bacon fries you had better be willing to do them right regardless.

Mark Gosdin



I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, I have to go by what the people above command me to do…

The “real” reason I think we are doing cheesy bacon fries is to try to compete with Hardee’s, as they have had bacon cheddar fries for some time now.

Well that, or Taco Bell, with their Nacho Fries…




In the mean time we are getting a Taco Bell next to our Wal-Mart Market across Simpson Road from the entrance to the sub-division. So in a month or so we should be able to get Nacho Fries in walking distance.

Mark Gosdin



Crazy you say that!

They literally just opened the one by my job!

Anyway, back on topic,

The almond butter one is creamy, but not a lot of almond flavor.

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One of my local fine dining burger joints local sourced turkey burger and fries with house made root beer bbq sauce . It was a bit runny this time ,but good . I’m a plain burger type so just the bun , sauce , and meat . Fries were nice this time . The last three times they’ve been oily .



Had to try all 3 flavors.

Toffee Nut is English toffee peanut M&Ms. Not bad, but if you don’t like toffee, it won’t be for you.

Jalapeno Nut is peanut M&Ms with heat. If you don’t like spicy, don’t get them.


Coconut Nut is actually a little disappointing. The coconut flavor is fairly light. Sometimes the peanut overpowers the coconut flavor :thinking:



Found a bag of these just randomly on a shelf at Target today . Were for Valentine’s Day . Guessing they must have been popular as I never saw them to today . Pretty good ,but the still don’t hold a candle to the Japanese flavors .



I have a serious question. How many members actually remember these?

They still sell em in Mexico, so someone like @Slowhand, who lives in Texas, would easily be able to aquire them. (I found them off eBay from a seller in Mission Texas BTW) ($3 a bag too…)



I might live in Texas, but I’ve never seen those before. What flavor are they supposed to be?

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Sabor de queso. (Aka cheese flavor for those non-bilingual :wink:)

These ones don’t actually have the familiar flavor of Doritos here in the states though. They are closer in flavor to cheese flavored Fritos :thinking:



I remember them . It’s kind of funny how much stuff is still around in Mexico . I think it has to do with a lot of our food laws . There is probably something in them ours no longer allows .

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Found these today at my local Publix:

While they aren’t bad, it’s pure chocolate. It lacks the flavor balance of regular Oreos. However they are good when dipped in milk.



OOOoooo, dark chocolate! That might be worth investigating, but if I go to the store, I’ll just end up buying the regular/original kind. I just can’t make myself buy any of the “new” stuff. (It’s not canon! :wink: )



March 1, 2019



I’d not mind trying all three.



I’d get Lime & Sea Salt. The others sound nasty.



These r ok it was more of a chip taste than the jalapeno flavor

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I found these today at my local Family Dollar. They’re Sabritas Tostitos, Aka Mexican Tostitos. Strangely enough legally for sale in Florida.

The left one is Green Sauce flavor and the right one is Ranch Sauce flavor.

Will update when I try them.

Ranch Sauce is kind of like spicy Cool Ranch Doritos :thinking:


Green sauce tastes almost like fresh salsa from a Mexican restaurant! :scream:

(Took down the entire bag in less than 1 anime episode…)



Possibly one of the best snacks for St Patrick’s Day :wink: