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Food Flavor Explosion


Yes please on the lime goodness. :+1:





Berry is okay.

Brownie batter sounds good. I do like to eat it out of the pan.


yes fresh from the oven thats the way to go but dont eat brownies anymore unless when they are on sale


another classic flavor


found this flavor wonder what it taste like



Mmmm cookies and crème.


this flavor might be good




Cookies that laugh at you. lol scary.


who does like a good laugh here and there


heres something a little more spooky for ya snowy



Got any treats?
Sure. There’s Zombie Brains in the pantry. :yum:


and just make you a bloody mary and you have yourself a party


some more Halloween treats but slow doesn’t get any because she didn’t give me a treat


sigh - I have so much to remember.


yes so much to remember when you have been treated


Has anyone else tried these yet? To me they taste like Fruity pebbles or the old type of Trix (the ones shaped like fruits)



Did it taste good? That must’ve been some flavor attack.