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Food Flavor Explosion


Actually they’re all right. Great with milk. Would get more, but can’t find them now…


speaking of cereal have anyone try steak and shake breakfast shakes haven’t try none myself



I got a steak n shake right by my house. Gotta try them next payday.


Nope and have no interest to.

Those look really good. Love carrot cake.


yes me to carrot cake is in my top 5

ok MaouSadao will have to try the frosted flakes myself


Next time a Walmart order is placed, I’ll be certainly looking into those.


they have that flavor now so you maybe right @MaouSadao


Makes me think of a birthday oreo. I would try those.


Found these today:

The cookie is cinnamon flavored and the cream is icing flavored. Not too bad if I say so myself.


Out of the ones I’ve tried, Cinnamon Bun is my fav thus far. :yum:



Those have to be good. Gotta look for them at my local Publix and Wally world.


Didn’t think they would have this flavor who knew


That can’t taste good, can it?


Don’t know @MaouSadao they might surprise you on how good they taste


I’d be curious enough to try BG. There’s been weirder.


Yes there has been but never really thought that bubblegum would be a cookie who knew


Holiday oreos 5287111804_f52f162cd2


I think I saw those on Fox & Friends the other day. They sound good.