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Food Flavor Explosion


Yes yoohoos are good and its like dipping your cookie in chocolate milk with out the milk a good idea :grinning::grinning:


Exactly. It made my mouth water. :smile:




Yoo-hoo. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Please tell me those are real! I need them in my life!


Wow they even have breakfast cereal images


You never had Oreo O’s? Fattening, but super good.


No have not are they new or old


Extreme crème taste? Oh my.


I used to eat them in the late 90’s. They were discontinued around 2008, but brought back earlier this year. The flavor is almost the same, but doesn’t seem as “potent” as it used to be.

@Snowy_Stampede The extreme creme ones had marshmallows which tasted like the Oreo creme. Personally didn’t like them too much…


That’s a bit much for me. Thanks for explaining that though.


wonder if they made a diet soda now would try them :grin:


Ooooo popping candy? This flavor looks like a winner.


Just mix cherry pop rocks and Oreos and you’re good to go :wink:


these are kind of similar with something in the cream


edit must be a messed up url

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I bet they’re exclusive to Hawaii :sob:


Cheer up they have them a your local target


I love coconut. I would seriously enjoy those. :yum:


Skip dessert and go for a sweet cheesy dinner download