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Forest's Sketches


Even with the scanner problems it turned out nice, Forest.


Well I’d never do entirely one style, I would get bored. Go to mix it up. Plus I really like colored pencils and one doesn’t usually color dark pictures with colored pencils.

I was thinking of maybe doing some sort of drawing challenges for fun and for practice, like doing a monochromatic drawing in a color other than black or drawing a drawing with only two colors or stuff like that. Let me know if any of you have any ideas. I still have about fifteen drawing prompts from the 30 drawing challenge that I became too busy to actually do but I could try to finish that as well.


I looked up Edward Gorey and I like it. It is what I would I refer to as ‘creepy’ looking though. I believe its just the use of ink that makes it look darker than it otherwise would be.


@Forest Gorey did that slightly creepy / slightly funny better than anyone else. Your “Dark” drawing was what reminded me of him, that and the overall style of your drawings. In any case I encourage you to keep experimenting. :sunglasses:

Mark Gosdin


I don’t even know what’s going on in this picture. I have no idea. It just happened.


Off the top of my head, it makes me think “Demons of the Past” or “Voices in my Head.”

Gives you the chills.


Something like that.


I got markers for Christmas. My dad got the hobbit trilogy in blu ray for Christmas and this is what happened. I can’t get over how cute it turned out.


So awesome! Love the inspiration. It suddenly made my mind go off on a journey thinking about The Hobbit. :smile:


Adorable! :smile:


I’ve been really super busy but I try to draw when I can. Lately I’ve been doing these charcoal sketches from fashion photos. I’ve more than this but I didn’t want to post them all at once. They’ve been getting better and better as I’ve been going along. I’m actually kind of impressing myself. But here are the first two.


Excellent job, Forest!


Those are so well done. :grinning:


But wait it gets better! I took multiple pictures of this one as I was shading it. It amuses me how a bunch of black marks turns into such a nice picture. I thought it might amuse you as well.


@Forest: Just thought I’d let you know that if you want to share a larger number of images at once, you can hide them in collapsible text. That could help take a lot of pressure off if you’re unable to be here often.

Great job on your latest. I really like the third one with the darker brown. So beautiful. :smiley:


How do you do that? I would have but I couldn’t figure out how.Honestly it’s a miracle I can post at all. My computer skills are limited at best


Here you go. You can bookmark this post in case you need a reminder. :slightly_smiling_face:

[size=16]Collapsible Text[/size]


Another for collection!


The latest in my collection of charcoal portraits


I am still in the “WOW” phase from a couple of pictures ago! Beautiful work!