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I watched the first episode. Intriguing. I really like the art style, its very light and flowy. If that makes sense. :relaxed:


That to me is the perfect image. You can also look at this and picture him lying out on the grass all relaxed as he does often. Nyanko-Sensei in Youkai form is always so breathtaking. :smiley:


I did a pair of drawings for my little cousins. They really love the Disney fairies. And I think they’re adorable. Both the fairies and my cousins. So I drew Tinker Bell and her sister Periwinkle.


Those are very nice. It made me think of Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings. Disney Junior: The Channel plays those movies a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


I decided to try something a little different.


I drew a picture of my grandmother when she was younger. Today is her 85th birthday.


One girl in band let me borrow her clarinet for awhile while mine was getting repaired so to thank her I decided to draw her a picture. I asked her who her favorite animated character was and she said Pluto. To which I said “really? Are you sure? Of all the animated characters, you want me to draw Pluto?” And she said yes. So I said I would try. And I did.


That was very well drawn. I know your friend will treasure it. Mickey would approve. :smiley:


I redrew the first picture I ever posted on this thread four years ago. Four years ago?! Yes! Four years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I think it’s nice to do thing like this sometimes, especially when I feel like I’m not getting any better and I’m going nowhere. This just proves to myself that I have gotten a lot better and I’m really proud of it.




Whoa yea, look at that startling difference! Following your interests does pay off, see? :blush:


I had a dream that I was married and my husband was very vivid in my mind and it was weird because I’ve never seen anyone that looked like him. It sounds like a bad hallmark movie but it’s true. So if you see someone that vaguely resembles this guy, let me know.


Haha a man full of mystery. How can you resist that? :smile:


I drew a portrait from a picture of my grandfather when he was a child.


How old was he in the picture?


About eleven, I think. It was an elementary school photo.

There is actually a cool story with it. In those days they processed all the pictures and brought them into the school for a showing and then you could purchase them directly if you wanted them. My grandfather came from a really poor family so he couldn’t buy one. He was walking home from school and he saw a box by the side of the dumpster and he kicked it. A bunch of photos fell out, his included. So he took it. And that’s the only picture he has of him as a child.


I’ve recently made friends with a writer and he has asked me to draw some of his characters to see if I was imagining what he was imaging. Something about fine tuning descriptive passages or something. I’m not a writer. But I drew some pictures


I drew a thing. I find it to be disturbing and yet beautiful.


Oh my. That’ll make you think. :sweat_smile:


I made her a friend. I decided to make it a series. The red one was Anxiety and this one is Sorrow. I have one that I am almost done with and one more that I’m planning on doing.


OMG when I saw Sorrow, Joker popped into my head. That took a turn. :laughing:

I continue to enjoy your wonderful sketches @Forest. Always a fun ride.