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Ha! Wait until you see the next one. I was in the middle of drawing it and I stopped for a moment and looked at it and thought “I just drew Harley Quinn”. But I just went with it. It is what it is.


I can’t believe how rapidly you are improving every time you post!

What did the writer think? Was it as he imagined / described?

These are amazing!!! I can actually imagine these hanging in a gallery show. Can’t wait to see more of the series. Terrific work as always!

Was “Sorrow” inspired by Kuchisake-onna?


Thank you, Wicca! :slight_smile:

The writer did like the drawing. He thought it was cute.

I had never heard of Kuchisake-onna but I looked her up just now and that was pretty much exactly what it looked like in my mind. That’s pretty interesting.


And today we have, Delirium.


So good!! :grin:


This will be the last in the series for awhile. Heartbreak.


WOW Forest they are really good!


Made a new one!


Ah yes. She lost a strip poker match with @Slowhand and now she’s quite tied up at the moment. :sweat_smile:


This series is still amazing and some of your best work yet!!! :two_hearts:


Attempting to win the favor of my English teacher by drawing her a picture of crazy Lady Macbeth.



Very cool Forest, what’d ya use to make it?


Hey guys! Long time no see but I have semi-exciting news (for me at least). I have decided to sell art on etsy! Mostly because I failed at getting a part time job this summer. But I would appreciate it a lot if you would check it out.


Hey Forest! Glad to see you’re still kicking, congrats on stepping up to sales too!

I checked it out, that’s your stuff on the linked page?'Cause “Flower Girl” was spot on!

“Boy on Ladder” and “Portrait of a Woman” are awesome too, which one did you spend the most time on?


Thank you so much!

“Boy on Ladder” took by far the longest because I very rarely ever attempt backgrounds. You can also see that I’m not very creative at naming things.

“Portrait of a Woman” was actually a self portrait. Just a fun fact.

And “Flower Girl” was when I discovered the magicalness that is white charcoal. The wonders you can discover by watching random art videos on youtube.

You should buy something. I’m starting college in August and I just got my first bill. Its not fun trying to make something of yourself in this world. Plus you’ve been a long time fan of my work. Or at least nice enough to comment on it. So wouldn’t it be grand to actually own one? I could personally address it to you and everything.


I certainly will buy one from ya Forest, but it will probably be a couple of weeks before I can. I am pretty much unemployed at the moment so funds are running scarce at the moment.


I take that back, I can get two of em now I want Flower Girl and Boy on Ladder. I’ve never heard of that website though, they pretty good about security?


Beautiful, Forest!!

Outlander would have been so proud of you - and probably your biggest customer!

I have a question. I pick one to buy and it says there is only one available, but then it is asking me for a size. How do I know what size to pick?

EDIT: Never mind - I see it now.


:slight_smile: I went with Boy on Ladder and Weary.