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Forest's Sketches


Thank you so much to both of you!

Etsy is a very secure site. My father makes a living selling his work there so he’s been helping me. Everything will be handled according to standard and you’ll own some fancy art prints personally signed by me very soon.

I’m very grateful to you guys not only for supporting me but being the very first to do so. Most people won’t buy from someone with no reviews so just by giving me a sale helps immensely.

I really feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist and so I’m going to minor in fine arts in college. I’m majoring in history and I hope to one day work for a museum or gallery. But I can never tell if my art is actually good or not because I’m too attached to it. I can’t tell if my art is something someone would ever buy. But you guys and the other people on this forum always encouraged me. Even when I was first staring out and I was terrible. Going back to the beginning of this thread and reading through is very bittersweet.

And I hope I only ever get better. And I hope when you look at the art you bought from me that it makes you feel something. Because that’s what art is all for when it comes down to it


Glad to help out Forest, looks like you’re going to be the first artist to don the walls of my new trailer too. Gonna have to dig around and find some good wood to make frames for em, I think I know where some good cedar is. :slight_smile:


Woo hoo, they showed up today! They’re still in the package though, our water is cut off cause they’re working on the lines and I dont want to get any smudges on em. Thank you Forest!


I’m glad you go them! Don’t forget to leave feedback on etsy


this is amazing work :heart: