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###Introducing The New Face Of Funimation!
Posted by FUNimation Entertainment on 01/07/2016 at 5:31am

Get ready anime fans, 2016 is gonna be a big year!

###Funimation to Launch Updated Streaming App, Add New Devices
posted on 2016-01-07 15:00 EST
Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Windows 10 Universal apps slated for February

###FunimationNow - CES 2016 Reveal Trailer

Visit to get a sneak peek at the new mobile apps and to get a better idea of what’s coming this year!

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FunimationNow - Anime. Anytime. Anywhere.

Get ready anime fans, 2016 is gonna be a big year! FunimationNow has all the subtitled and English-dubbed anime you love, completely ad-free and in HD.

Press Release

I can’t wait to see these changes take off. It’s refreshing to see an anime company make changes to keep things from being boring. The new logo is quite impressive.

###Sgt. Frog Gets New TV Flash Anime By Sunrise
posted on 2013-12-08 22:30 EST
Animation studio Gathering (Donyatsu, PUCHIM@S) provides animation support for spring 2014 anime

###Answerman: Why Did Sgt. Frog Hit In Japan But Not America?
by Justin Sevakis, Jan 7th 2016

FunimationNow Launch Trailer

@Slowhand: Your video was removed. Fixed

**DubbleTalk - Episode 1 - "Mach 20"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 2 - "Tentacle Time"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 3 - "Quit Playing Games with My Heart"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 4 - "Whale Tail"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 5 - "Dat Booty"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 6 - "Urine Trouble"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 7 - "Emotions"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 8 - "Con Funk"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 9 - "Artificial Love"**

**DubbleTalk - Episode 10 - "Snort Parade"**

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[size=16]FUNimation Broadcast Dubs initiative[/size]
Flower Mound, TX - (10/29/14) - FUNimation announced today the start of a new initiative–the FUNimation Broadcast Dub. Fans will soon be able to watch the English dubbed episodes of select shows that are currently broadcasting in Japan. FUNimation has experience with broadcast dubs, having had previous success dubbing the hit series Space Dandy for U.S. broadcast on Adult Swim. FUNimation Broadcast Dubs will be available exclusively for FUNimation subscribers commercial-free and streaming in 1080 HD.

Click link to read full article.

Even though I already know that the show is no where near as cool as this plot synopsis suggests it could be, every time I read it I wish it were. I might check out an ep or 2 dubbed, but the odds are that the kind of dub that would make this show watchable for me would make it less appealing to the demographic that it is meant for.

That’s my issue with this initiative in general as it takes the brutality of the “if you want it, you gotta simulcast it” scheme to a new level. With the simulcast scheme, I just have to stream subbed the shows that I like in order to see them released (which is still undesirable) but in order to support this initiative I will have to watch shows that I already know that I don’t like, one of which is fated to have a mediocre dub.

Which is the lesser of the 2 evils?

I am intrigued by the 2.0 audio prospect. It seems unlikely to happen, but I wish that Funimation would include this “Broadcast Dub” audio with their releases as some Funi releases are 5.1 only with the dub and Funimation’s audio work generally leaves their 5.1 dubs incredibly obnoxious to listen to over 2/2.1 setups.

It’d also be interesting to see these broadcast dubs preserved for posterity.

Now think of all the “hate” that the fans will be throwing: you’re gonna have the “simulcast dub lovers” vs. the " final home video release dub lovers". Now add that plus any Ben-To/Sankare incidents and you’re gonna have peeps cursing the heavens.

Good times…

I’m not too interested in this myself, as FUNi very rarely picks up something I’m already interested in before they announce a license for it.
But there’s probably more to come at some point, so I figured it it was big enough news that it deserved its own thread rather than splitting the discussion of it across several threads.

I think the last FUNi simulcast (delaycast really, since I was watching it on Hulu for free) I watched was Date A Live II.
So this doesn’t really affect me in much now, or probably even in the future.

Oh that just brought to mind formerly-repressed memories of the Data A Live dub. The perils of being a dub fan, I suppose.

I don’t believe that it’ll be so bad as those since the whole dub will be up even if the physical release is delayed and we’ll know that we’ll be seeing broadcast visuals with that dub, so there’d be neither the dub deprivation or bait-n-switch of those 2 shows.

That reminds me of the Deadman Wonderland dub situation. I don’t remember too big of a fuss over that, except the Greg Ayres profanity bit. Which reminds me, I wonder if these “broadcast dubs” will, due to their limited availability, be free of any language restrictions?

So what did y’all think of the LutC dub?

Personally I thought it was better than I expected, but below what I’d expect from Funimation. Versus recent Joel McDonald dubs, LutC was better than Bent-To and Date A Live but was quite a few rungs below Robotics;notes and Haganai NEXT. I’d put it on par with Sankarea.

###Funi Blog: FUNimation Broadcast Dubs Taking a Break for the Holidays
December 14, 2014

Well there goes my saturday streaming lol.

“Watch English dubs while still broadcasting in Japan!” Hmm, I didn’t know that I was ever broadcasting in Japan :laughing:

Big Question will be which 2 shows will be simuldubbed Winter quarter?

Placing bets anyone?

If they’re still continuing their simuldubs and only two (a season), then I’ll pick Assassination Classroom and Kamisama Kiss 2. Of course they have 6 more boxes to fill…

Has there been any word about Broadcast Dubs for the Winter season?

###Funi Blog: Announced on ANNCast: Winter 2015 Broadcast Dubs
Posted by Lauren on 01/16/2015 at 11:39am

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Sadly the Funi reps, in that podcast, made it sound like a 4 week delay for the Broadcast Dub was inevitable. They also didn’t shoot down the possibility of broadcast dubbing everything :smile:

It’s still better than the massive delay that dubs normally have, as one of the reps (Rojas iirc) pointed out, though it does still have the incredibly minor issue that it doesn’t completely replace the need to simulcast the Japanese to avoid spoilers/participate in discussion.

Perhaps I’ll wait until the end of the season and binge watch the broadcast dub.

Still no news on which shows Funi is broadcast dubbing? Since they said it’d take 4 weeks to get going I was hoping that we’d get some news out of 'em at Ohayocon but I haven’t heard anything and this is now Week 5 of the season.

###FUNimation Quintuples Down on Broadcast Dubs – Offers New Primetime Block & Weekly Live Stream Show!
Posted on 02/13/2015 at 4:21pm

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