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###Ikuhara Returns With Funimation’s Release of Yurikuma Arashi!
by Funimation Entertainment, Jun 24th 2016


Yurikuma Arashi - The Complete Series - Available Now on Blu-ray and DVD


###Funi Blog: Life and Anime 10 Years Ago
Posted by Funimation on 06/25/2016 at 3:17am


###Dubbletalk - Episode 67 "Flavor Savers"

Dubbletalk Episode 67 - Question of the Week

Question of the Week:
“Which simulcast, from Funimation’s Summer 2016 line-up, do you want to see on Dubbletalk the most? Tell us why.”


###Mamoru Hosoda, Director of Deeply Human Anime Fantasy Films
Posted by Tom Pinchuk on June 30, 2016


Anime Expo 2016 - July 3, 2016
Funimation Panel

What's Coming

12:16:36 < bay|AX|FUNi > quick look at what’s coming in 2016
12:16:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> now available, iOS and android and kindle
12:16:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have the windows 10 app
12:16:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re getting ready to roll it out for consoles
12:16:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> apple TV and fire TV soon
12:16:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> September
12:17:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> fully responsive website optimize for mobile and tablets
12:17:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> better search
12:17:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> console app updates
12:17:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> (new mobile apps)
12:17:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> consoles…
12:18:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> Xbox 360… Xbox one… Roku… ps3 and ps4…
12:18:05 <bay|AX|FUNi> vita coming soon
12:18:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> pc people can go to our new website
12:18:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> this is a sneak peek
12:18:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> nobody has seen this before
12:19:02 <bay|AX|FUNi> this is the early phases of what the site is going to look like
12:19:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> going to be mobile responsive
12:19:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re going to introduce new features
12:19:26 <bay|AX|FUNi> including chapter skips
12:19:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> you can skip based on content instead of based on time
12:19:37 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re going to incorporate more imdb characteristics
12:19:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> and make the viewer experience more robust
12:19:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> and integrating social media
12:19:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> (and recommendations)
12:20:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have 2 tiers, the sub pass, and the all-access pass
12:20:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> you have the two plans, and have the features when you sign up, so pick the plan that’s right for you
12:20:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> everyone watches differently and we’re trying to tailor it to that
12:21:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> over 200,000 minutes of anime episodes and movies
12:21:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> over 500 different series
12:21:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> i think we need to update that number
12:21:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have more anime coming, the summer simulcast season is happening right now
12:21:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> and we recently announced it the past two weeks
12:21:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> the theme of the summer season is “find the one for you”

Summer Shows

12:23:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> lets run through the season
12:23:14 <bay|AX|FUNi> d.gray-man hallow
12:23:16 <bay|AX|FUNi> servamp
12:23:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> tales of zestieria the x
12:23:24 <bay|AX|FUNi> dangronpa 3, both arcs
12:23:26 <bay|AX|FUNi> endride
12:23:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> heroic legend of arlsan dust storm dance
12:23:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> cute high earth defense club love love
12:23:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> cheer boys
12:23:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> first love monster
12:23:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> disastrous live of saiki k
12:23:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> handa-kun
12:23:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> tsukiuta
12:23:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> time travel girl
12:23:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> scar-red riders x
12:23:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> one piece
12:24:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> love live sunshine
12:24:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> regalia: the three sacred stars
12:24:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> puzzles and dragons cross

Broadcast Dubs

12:26:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> along with the new simulcast season comes broadcast dubs
12:26:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> (intro to broadcast dubs)
12:28:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’ve done this for 5 seasons
12:28:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> that’s over 40 shows of broadcast dubs
12:29:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re about to wrap up our spring broadcast dubs
12:29:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> shonen maid, three leaves three colors
12:29:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> endride, netoge
12:30:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> my hero academia
12:30:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> assassination classroom season 2
12:30:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> we will be announcing the summer ones soon
12:30:15 <bay|AX|FUNi> hang on for that
12:30:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> we wanted to make them a big deal, so we did a special thing for them
12:30:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> when we started doing broadcast dubs, we wanted to make it special, so we made this anime primetime block that we do every Wednesday
12:30:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> we pick 3 shows, we air them back to back to back, then we go live on twitch and discuss them

Where to watch

12:49:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> Funimation everywhere
12:49:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> google play, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix…
12:50:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re also on Microsoft movies and TV
12:50:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have a whole thing we do on the movies and TV homepage


12:53:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> we also have anime Saturday night on Toonami
12:53:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> attack on titan, dragon ball z kai, one piece, space dandy, cowboy bebop, FullMetal alchemist brotherhood, black lagoon, Deadman wonderland, michiko and hatchin, samurai Champloo

Game Samba Partnership

12:53:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> and more
12:54:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have some other fun stuff
12:54:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> partnering with our friends at gamesamba
12:54:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> doing a giant giveaway for fairy tail
12:54:46 <bay|AX|FUNi>
12:54:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> a new online rpg
12:55:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> attack on titan video game
12:55:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> from our partners at koei techmo
12:55:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> available august 30th 2016 on ps4, vita, ps3, Xbox one, steam
12:55:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> (trailer for the game)
12:58:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> the big reveal for this trailer is you get to play as titan

News & Announcements

13:28:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> news and announcements
13:29:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> so this is going to have a bunch of types of things
13:29:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> first thing we’re going to talk about is a new partnership
13:29:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> have you heard of geek and sundry?
13:29:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> we’re going to be working with geek and sundry to help them produce their anime show
13:29:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> geek and sundry anime show…
13:29:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> they wanted to do an anime show, and who better to do it with than us
13:29:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> and we got a trailer out really quickly to show you this weekend
13:30:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> and the premise of the show is reaching out to the anime audience with their audience
13:30:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> it’s recommendations
13:30:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> we want to make sure we have something for everyone and this is part of that
13:30:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> this is a promo bit they created the other day
13:30:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> the show is called "Anime Gateway"
13:30:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> and we’re super excited to give you guys a tweeter
13:31:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> (it’s comparing big name movies and comics to anime)
13:31:46 <bay|AX|FUNi> cohost is WWE superstar Xavier woods


July 2016 Anime Month on Microsoft Movies Ep 1- “Welcome Back to Anime Month!”


###Dubbletalk - Episode 68 "Sticky Balls"

Dubbletalk Episode 68 - Question of the Week

Question of the Week:
“What would be the weirdest place you’d expect to find a Pokémon in Pokémon Go?”


###Some thoughts from a UK Funimation Now user
July 7, 2016

Notable because Funimation Now launches this September in the U.S.


Funi can blame it on Brexit.



I have to say it … Funxit?

Mark Gosdin


Yeah this appears to be a list of your typical noise complaints. Payment/subscription troubles and the video player.

It seems the beta is just a tad above functional. Quite a shame.

#NotNowFunimation :sweat_smile:


The Extraordinary Films of Mamoru Hosoda


July 2016 Anime Month on Microsoft Movies: Ep 2- “Welcome to A-Kon 2016!”


Anime Gateways Promo - New Geek & Sundry Show


While it’s a neat concept for a show, with Funimation as a sponsor / producer, it seems like just mouthpiece for Funimation to get people interested in their stuff, and the bias will be strong with this one.


A good librarian like a good shepherd (SUB only) – Available Now on Blu-ray and DVD


Yatterman Night: The Complete Series (SUB only) - Available Now on DVD