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Future Card Buddyfight



Future Card Buddyfight S Start Deck Vol 1, 2 & 3

To all buddyfighters! A Special Feature


Learn how to play Buddyfight! Buddyfight Tutorial Video


Fight Etiquette BT01



S Booster Pack Vol. 1: Gargantua Awakened


Future Card Buddyfight Ace English Dub Debuts on YouTube

posted on 2018-07-14 01:00 EDT by Karen Ressler
Bushiroad also streams series with English subtitles


Fortune Telling with Buddyfight!


Dradeity VS. Spiral Linkdragon Order! Who will win in this match?!


What happened at Chara Expo Mini 2018!



S Ultimate Booster Vol. 1: Superhero Wars Ω -Advent of Cosmoman!-

S Ultimate Booster Vol. 2: Miracle Fighters ~Miko & Mel~



S Special Series Vol. 1: Lost Dimension

Reaction and Message from Lexi Ly (Voice Actor of Mel Yumegatari)

Reaction and Message from Lauren Woods (Voice Actor of Miko Mikono)

Reaction and Message from Caitlynne Medrek (Voice Actor of Ion Nanana)

Reaction and Message from Lucas Seeger (Voice Actor of Mamoru Sekai)


Star Dragon World VS Danger World! Who will win?!


Mobile Aerial Team VS Folktale! Who will win?!

Battle Building VS Electrodeity! Who will win?!



S Booster Pack Vol. 2: Dimension Destroyer


Special Announcement on S Special Series Vol. 2!


S Special Series Vol. 2 World Announcement!


Showcase on Gameplay for S Booster Pack Vol. 2: Dimension Destroyer!





S Booster Pack Alternative Vol. 1: Buddy Lineage


PSA: Sword Balloon Repair Kit


Bling? S-BT01A Secret Pack Reveal!



S Booster Pack Vol. 3: True Awakening of Deities

ERROR: Now on Sale :arrow_right: January 11, 2019


Gameplay Showcase: Prism Dragon VS Dragonblood Sect