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GamerGirl Joins

I’m @Sarahviola Friend… What else? Well, I’m super Shy too…
But when it comes to video games I put my heart and soul into it!
I hope this is a place where everyone is treated like Family!
Oh btw name’s @BestGirlLopez!

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Welcome home my Belated Friend!
And lover

Welcome @BestGirlLopez! Hope you enjoy it here!

Are you into any particular type or genre of anime?

We try our best to. It’s a small forum, but very quaint :blush:

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Hey @MaouSadao did u clicked on her pic to see who she is

Welcome to you! I don’t really play games anymore, but we do have a gaming section and there are other gamers on the site too. Please enjoy your time here and don’t forget to read our rules. Have fun!

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Lol well I am with @LadyOfWicca on this one lucky she’s my friend for life