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Best Summer 2020 Anime? We React to ALL the Trailers

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2020 Toei Manga Matsuri Omnibus Film Rescheduled for August 14 After COVID-19 Delay

posted on 2020-06-26 20:54 EDT by Egan Loo
Featuring Kamen Rider Den-O, more

Vicky the Viking CG Animated Film Opens in Japan on October 2 With Sairi Itō

posted on 2020-06-29 00:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Film by Éric Cazes, director of 2013 CG TV remake of 1974-1975 anime

ABC Animation Establishes CG Anime Studio

posted on 2020-06-29 05:57 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Asahi Broadcasting established animation planning company in 2016

Summer 2020 Catch-Up Guide

by Theron Martin, Jun 29th 2020
Note: Each entry contains considerable spoilers for earlier content in the franchise.

Kyoto Animation Films to Headline TOHO Cinema Ikebukuro’s Opening Week

June 30, 2020 11:54am CDT
TOHO Cinema Ikebukuro opens its doors on July 3

GET UP! GET LIVE! Short Anime’s Episode 0 Streams on July 3

posted on 2020-06-30 15:30 EDT by Alex Mateo
Anime about aspiring comedians in entertainment industry premieres on July 10

Superwomen Assemble - Superwomen Special in July - Family Gekijo - July 2020

Jun 30th 2020
FAMILY GEKIJO U.S. is featuring superwomen in July!

Kyoto Animation Starts Recruiting Again

posted on 2020-07-01 03:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Studio recruiting for animators, 3D CG staff, managers, systems engineers, more

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Re:ZERO’s Producer on Why the Isekai Genre is So Popular

July 01, 2020 10:00am CDT
Crunchyroll News interviews Re:ZERO producer Sho Tanaka

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Ken Akamatsu Comments on Casting POC Voice Actors in American Cartoons, Japanese Anime

posted on 2020-07-01 14:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

All the Best Anime is in Netflix Jail | Get In The Robot


Have not watched that video, and every single persons tastes are different, but that statement



Girl Gaku Anime Resumes With 5th Episode on July 6 After COVID-19 Delay

posted on 2020-07-02 05:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Staff had delayed 5th episode indefinitely on May 4

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The Future of Anime Production in a COVID-19 World

July 02, 2020 10:00am CDT
CloverWorks, D’ART Stadjio, and more speak on how they’ve coped over the last few months

Mattel, Nelvana and 9 Story All Turn to Future Today for Distribution of Content

Jul 2nd 2020
More Than 250 New Episodes of Popular Kids’ Titles Launched on HappyKids TV

RetroCrush Adds 10 Anime Titles to Service

posted on 2020-07-03 03:15 EDT by Adriana Hazra

The titles will release on consecutive Fridays in July:

  • One-Million Year Trip: Bander Book - July 3
  • Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature - July 3
  • Ambassador Magma - July 10
  • Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick - July 10
  • Voltes V - July 17
  • Shin Getter Robo - July 17
  • ItaKiss - July 24
  • Project A-Ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group- July 31
  • Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody - July 31
  • Project A-Ko 4: Final - July 31
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Kyoto Animation to Stream Memorial Video on July 18 for 1st Anniversary of Arson Attack

July 03, 2020 3:43am CDT
Urges people to not visit the former site of Studio 1

So I’m guessing that means Discotek might have
One-Million Year Trip: Bander Book Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature , Ambassador Magma , and Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick .


Well, July 31st is gonna be a really good day!


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