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Answerman: Why Can’t Idol Singers Have Lives Of Their Own?

by Justin Sevakis, Jul 24th 2015

“Space Warrior Baldios” Gets Japanese Bluray Boxed Set Release

July 25, 2015 12:17am CDT

The Mike Toole Show -The Worst Anime of All Time

by Mike Toole, Jul 26th 2015

Answerman: Why Do Older Shows Go Unstreamed?

by Justin Sevakis, Jul 27th 2015

THR: Eiji Ohtsuka Writes Book, Toei Produces Anime as Tie-Ins to Western Movie ‘Temple’

posted on 2015-07-27 17:15 EDT by Karen Ressler

Five Steps to Better Fanservice

by Paul Jensen, Jul 29th 2015

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Answerman: Why Did So Many OVA Series End Prematurely?

by Justin Sevakis, Jul 29th 2015

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The Challenges of Dubbing Anime - IGN Anime Club


Wow and yet people will continuously bombard Sentai Filmworks with “Will you Dub these 50 animes please?” questions like they can just whip them out no problem. It’s hard to do DUBS people!!!

This really highlights that what series we are privileged to get dubbed releases for, I am very appreciative for them because it must be a nightmare.


I was briefly involved in broadcasting and theater in my misspent youth and those were difficult enough to get right. Dubbing combines aspects of both and adds a whole battery of additional impediments. I’m happy to get what I get, those folks are working hard to entertain us.

Mark Gosdin

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Why Are Anime Fans Obsessed with Steven Universe?

by Hope Chapman, Jul 31st 2015

Answerman: What Needs To Be Approved By A Licensor?

by Justin Sevakis, Jul 31st 2015

this should have been titled more like
"Why I (the article’s author) am obsessed with Steven Universe"

Like it’s the first and only time an American toon did such things: homages/parodies/satire/reference to other subjects.

Hideaki Anno and Yoshiaki Nishimura Named to Board of Directors of Dehogallery, Inc.

August 01, 2015 7:05am CDT
New company features talent from Studio Khara and Studio Ghibli

Why Cartoons Should Be More Like Anime - IGN Anime Club

Red Ash Anime Kickstarter Campaign Reaches US$150,000 Goal

posted on 2015-08-03 09:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Comcept, Studio 4°C collaborate to produce 12-minute anime

Answerman: Has Convention Culture Affected The Anime Business?

by Justin Sevakis, Aug 3rd 2015

Contest winners

Aug 3, 2015

Macross Creator Kawamori Talks Designing Plane for Thunderbirds Remake

posted on 2015-08-05 19:45 EDT by Carlos Cadorniga

Answerman: How Is This Bubble Different From The Last One?

by Justin Sevakis, Aug 6th 2015