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Japanese Streaming Services Remove Wandering Son Anime

posted on 2015-10-28 17:30 EDT
Recently-arrested voice actress Ai Takabe played role


That’s why Japan will never be a global player in the entertainment arena. Creatives and drugs go hand in hand…
Ice Cube/Dr. Dre/Cypress Hill/Cheech & Chong/Regular Show…


The Laws of the Universe Part 0 - Main Video


“Asterion” Anime Project Returns to Kickstarter

October 29, 2015 7:55am CDT
Staff includes veterans of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and “Berserk”


“Super Short Comics” Receives Short-Form Web Anime

October 29, 2015 11:29am CDT
Gag manga adaptation will stream on GYAO! website beginning November 02, 2015


VIDEO: "Cannon Busters: The Animated Pilot " Presents First Teaser Trailer

October 30, 2015 12:30pm CDT
Anime vets Yukio Nishimoto and Takako Shimizu join impressive roster of the talent on the project


Answerman: Is Japan Over-Reacting To Ai Takabe’s Arrest?

by Justin Sevakis, Oct 30th 2015


The problem with putting people on a pedestal is that they rarely hold still, they wander around and invariably they fall off.

My Kill Me Baby set from Sentai is on the shelf behind me, I just may pull it out and fire up the subtitled version solely to hear Agiri’s voice again.

Here’s hoping that she survives the fall and can put her life back together again.

Mark Gosdin


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Tricky Treats Edition

October 30, 2015 7:05pm CDT
Celebrate the most fun holiday of the year with Fanart Friday–it’s time for Halloween!


Halloween With Umaru - IGN Anime Club Episode 28


The List: 6 Times Anime Went Full Halloween

by Lynzee Loveridge, Oct 31st 2015


Urban Legends Make Great Horror Anime - IGN Anime Club

Messed Up Psychological Horror Anime - IGN Anime Club


Another is definitely a must watch. That was one hell of a thrill ride.


Ghost Stories, Creepy Anime Dolls, and Courage - IGN Anime Club


‘Tokyo Cosmo’ Indie Animation Shows Off Impeccable Quality, Nominated for Award

posted on 2015-11-01 17:15 EST by Carlos Cadorniga
Pixar may see some competition from this animated independent short film.


Alice in Dreamland Doll Film’s Teaser, Cast, December Opening Revealed

posted on 2015-11-02 03:00 EST
Film featuring animated dolls by doll maker Mari Shimizu opens on December 19


Super Short Comics Net Anime’s 1st Episode Streamed

posted on 2015-11-02 09:00 EST
Series based on Kyū Amekawa’s surreal gag manga was originally slated for spring


Answerman: Why Isn’t American Animation Outsourced To Japan?

by Justin Sevakis, Nov 2nd 2015


FEATURE: Aniwords – IDOL WARS (Part 2)

November 03, 2015 7:05pm CST
This time, it’s not just the idols fighting—it’s their worlds!


Netflix Aims to Eventually Produce Anime

posted on 2015-11-04 00:00 EST
Streaming subscription service to premiere Ajin - Demi-Human anime in January

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