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Sony denies ‘Concussion’ film softened to appease NFL
posted on Sep. 04, 2015 - 06:49AM JST / Japan Today

‘Mad Max’ voted best movie of the year by international critics
posted on Sep. 03, 2015 - 06:21AM JST / Japan Today

DreamWorks to split from Disney
posted on Sep. 03, 2015 - 05:39AM JST / Japan Today

Robert Redford takes a walk through his classic buddy roles
Aug. 28, 2015 - 06:40AM JST / by Lindsey Bahr / Japan Today

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**Sam Smith is Singing SPECTRE Song**


**What Film Finally Dethroned Straight Outta Compton at the Weekend Box Office?**

<b>Ronda Rousey Starring in Road House Remake</b>

<b>Jeepers Creepers 3 Is Happening</b>

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<b>$100 James Bond Movie Ticket Allows 100s of Viewings</b>

###Justin Timberlake Enlists with ‘Trolls’
Mercedes Milligan - Sep 15th, 2015

Maze Runner 2 Takes Number 1 Spot at Box Office

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**Sicario Interview - TIFF**

**New Men in Black Trilogy Planned Without Will Smith**

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Friday 9/25/15 Box Office Report

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###Hotel Transylvania 2 Sets Record with $47.5 Million Opening

Sep 27th, 2015

<b>Crimson Peak Secret Screening (Fantastic Fest 2015)</b>

<b>How Toy Story Kickstarted an Animated Movie Empire</b>

<b>How to Survive Space According to the Movies</b>

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<b>Braveheart Was Doing Huge Battle Scenes Before They Were Cool</b>

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**Mad Max Director Would Like del Toro to Direct Max**

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**Pan - Exclusive Interview (2015)**

**I Love Movies: Halloween Special (2015)**

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**No Back to the Future Stories Left to Tell, Says Director**

**Elijah Wood's Four Favourite Killer Kid Movies**

**The DINO RIDERS Are Coming!**

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**Jack Black from the Nerdist Goosebumps Screening! (Nerdist Special Report)**

<b>I Love Movies: John Green - Harvey, Rushmore</b>

<b>Crimson Junket - Exclusive Interview</b>

<b>Crimson Peak, Goosebumps, Bridge of Spies - Guest: Jessica Chastain | Weekend Ticket</b>

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Wes Anderson Plans New Stop-Motion Feature [Tom McLean - Oct 15th, 2015]

Lost Monty Python Animation from ‘Holy Grail’ Coming to Blu-ray [Tom McLean - Oct 15th, 2015]

Year to Date Box Office & Worldwide Studio Scorecard 10.11.2015

Disney Unmasks ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ [Mercedes Milligan - Oct 16th, 2015]

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Year to Date Box Office & Worldwide Studio Scorecard 10.18.2015

**Why We'll Never See Back to the Future 4**

**Happy Back to the Future Day! Here's What They Got Right**

**How Much Would It Cost: To Build The 'Back To The Future' Time Machine**

**7 Guillermo Del Toro Projects That Never Happened (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)**

**Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween or Xmas Movie?**

[size=16]Hollywood’s Rings Film Delayed to April 1, 2016[/size]
posted on 2015-10-21 12:50 EDT

**Steve Jobs Junket - Exclusive Interview (2015)**

**Next Friday the 13th Movie Pushed to 2017**

**Why The Walk Story Needed to Be Told**

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**A 103 Year-Old Titanic Cracker Sold for $23,000**