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This actually looks kinda fun

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Mamoru Oshii, Hideo Kojima Comment On The Matrix Resurrections Film

posted on 2021-12-21 15:45 EST by Kim Morrissy
Takeshi Koike, Tomohiko Ito, Mahiro Maeda, Koji Morimoto also praise Matrix series’ newest installment


Unless I’m blind, there are only 9 movies listed! :rofl:

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I’m a bit let down to see that Uncharted, the movie, is recreating the airplane setpiece from Uncharted 3D, the game, but in 2D.

It also throws me that they’re putting Tom Holland into the role of Nathan Drake, and joking that he’s way too young-looking (and doesn’t have the “action star” physicality), instead of casting the appropriate-looking Chris Pratt or, better still, Nathan Fillion, since they’re the sort that Nathan Drake is modeled after.

Sure, Sean Connery played a Soviet and John Wayne played a WW2 German, so it is possible to act way against type, but those films weren’t joking about how miscast the actors were :rofl:

Don’t forget that John Wayne once played Genghis Khan, so… yeah, many jokes to be had.

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I still haven’t seen The Conquerors all the way through, though on one hand the idea of John Wayne doing a biopic of a guy who was a consumate cowboy who rode tall in the saddle doesn’t sound entirely crazy :rofl:

I’ve heard that the Russians consider Genghis Khan to have been a red-haired man with gray eyes, similar to those mummies found in the Tarim Basin in China. Although whether the Russians are right, or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is right, John Wayne is about as far away from either in the looks department as central casting could get :wink:

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