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Getting more users on the forums


Seen in an old thread:
Q: Are there any current forum members with cablecompany?
A: Nope, not a single one.

There are plenty of viewers of VOD that don’t know about TAN’s forums.

The 5-second bumper shown before each episode would be the perfect place to display to get their attention.

Or would be OK if the front page were to be made more visually attractive.


That was my question when AN dropped Mediacom Cable…

Honestly that would be a great idea!

Slight change though, the bumpers will need to be added to the HD Network uploads as well.

(Speaking as a Comcast user because aside from 2 peculiar K-ON episodes they don’t show up, but pretty sure Cox, AT&T, and Shaw HD have the same issue.)


Thats a good idea @spacecobrajoe informing people about the forums which that’s all the anime network is now on the computer just a thought maybe they can display the forums on the video episodes or in the anime network description page which ever one would work