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Hey everybody in the TAN’s place of business but its been brought to my attention that theres no one posting in my threads and i want to know do U want me to make new threads and do u want to post with in my thread
but i will not sit idly by while the threads of mine go to waste

so just let me know by a like on this thread for more threads


Don’t stop creating threads. I won’t say that I’ll post in every one, but I do read them.

I’ve been off stride lately due to the numerous issues with Work ( Mine just keeps chugging along. ), Lockdown ( Which in Florida is easing off nicely. ) and Life. Just don’t have the time or heart to post. It will come back in time, but not just yet.

Mark Gosdin


I also do enjoy your posts @Kyouta. It’s fun to read what you come up with! :grin: Just as @mgosdin said, life has been hectic these past couple months (my job just keeps chugging along too.), but hopefully will return to normal eventually.

@mgosdin A funny truth. When the curfew was instated, all essential employees were granted a free pass to be out during said hours as long as it involved transit related to work. So for about a month I was “ABOVE THE LAW!!!” :joy::joy::joy:

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