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Go Nagai‘s The Devil Lady


Plot Summary: Fudo Jun is a beautiful supermodel who is idolized by many. She also has a dark secret that not even she knows about at first, for within her veins run the genes that hold the next step in the evolution of mankind. The same blood as the beastlike superhumans that terrorize the city. Unlike the rest of them, though, Jun has managed to hold a tenuous grip onto her humanity, and she is recruited by the mysterious Asuka Ran, member of a secret organization within the government, aimed at controlling, if not eliminating, these berserk destroyers of mankind. Jun, as Devilman Lady, must now exterminate her own kind, but how much longer can she keep her sanity in a situation she never chose in the first place.

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Noticed this morning when going to watch something on Amazon .

Only Audio is the ADV English dub .

Still has the ADV credits .

I’m thinking this has to be Discotek ,but no way to confirm to they announce it .
If this is like previous titles this will probably pop up on Crunchyroll later .

Another one of my should watch if you can shows .


Midnight Pulp Streaming Service Adds Devil Lady Anime

posted on 2019-06-15 03:50 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

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Devil Lady unleashes the beast! | ‘Devil Lady’ (1998) Dubbed

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Devil Lady falls in love with a hot Devil Man | Go Nagai’s The Devil Lady (1998)

Devil Lady Becomes a Devil mom for a hot second | Go Nagai’s The Devil Lady (1998)

Devil Lady - Opening 1 | “Main Theme” by Toshiyuki Watanabe

Devil Lady - Ending 1 | ‘Rebirth Megami Tensei’ by Yukari Tamura

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Devil Lady celebrates Christmas with carnage and chaos | Go Nagai’s The Devil Lady