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Hairstyle Appreciation Day - April 30


Today is Hairstyle Appreciation Day!
Seriously, I’m not making this up, you can check it out here.

Anime is full of fantastic hairstyles, ranging from wild color to up-do’s that defy the laws of gravity and would give a real human being some serious skeletal issues!

In the spirit of the day, here are a couple of our staff favorites. These hardly scratch the surface of all the fabulous Anime hairstyles, so tell us who’s got your favorite 'do!

Akame ga Kill

What do you even call what Bulat's got going on? How about AWESOME!

Queen's Blade Rebellion

The perfect hair style can really complete an outfit.

Detroit Metal City

Dad: "I guess their music is hair raising!"


Apparently, hair antennae run in the family.

Wizard Barristers

Cecil couldn't decide between twin tails or twin braids. Why not both?

Ageha takes the decoration to a whole new level.

Don't tell Seseri that his hair makes him look like a blue albatros landed on his head!


You can’t really beat Dragon Ball’s Goku for all his different styles.



I really just want silver/gray hair!

I’ve also always been partial to Nabeshin’s afro (Excel Saga)


I’ve always wondered how he achieves this result: