Hello from Phoenix

Hi everyone
I’m Rad and I’m new here, I’m a student Cartoonist of Hayao Miyazaki , my real name is William Martin in japanese it’s
Uiruriamu maruchinu.
Can anyone tell me where user controls so I can set up my avatar…

Welcome Rad…

The forums aren’t completely up and running yet… so the avatars aren’t working for custom avatars.

You can use the pre-made avatars if you like - you can find them in “My Profile” - otherwise you’ll have to wait just a bit for the more personal ones.

welcome to TAN. You are an artist? You work with Hayao Miyazaki?

I’m his star student of Manga and anime Student cartoonist.

Hi there Rad, nice to meet ya. I doubt I need to ask if you’re into anime…but are you?

yes, and born to draw it