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Help wanted

Sorry i’m new here but if any know anime network very i need a walk through.

By the way my name is sarah viola.I’m 11in grandview middle school.

What can I help you with exactly?

How do you join a group

There are no groups in this forum anymore. There used to be, but they were scrapped.

Thanks for the help

yo slowhand


What to start a chat on overlord.


Please read the Rules for this forum at the top of the main forum page.

Also, please learn to use the Search function to find the thread you’re looking for.

Right now, you have posted in the Conventions forum wanting to talk about Overlord.

Type “Overlord” into the Search function and you’ll find a thread already made for it. Do any discussion you have in that thread.

I’m afraid if you continue to post incorrectly, some of your posts will be deleted.

Thank you,
Slowhand - Moderator.

hey don’t forget me!

What do you mean, forget you?

I answered your question, did you read the Rules? Do a search for Overlord? I haven’t seen you make a single comment.

well, check out other anime Yugioh


You both need to read the Rules of this forum.

Do not start anymore threads without first checking the search to see if there is already a thread.

You have both been told repeatedly to read the Rules and neither of you have done so.

This is the only warning that you will receive.

Slowhand - Moderator.