Hero Mask / Hero=Mask

Hero Mask / Hero=Mask

Genres: action, mystery
Themes: police
Plot Summary: When the headquarters of the SSC, an elite high-tech police organization, is assaulted by a lone man who should be dead they learn of the existence of strange masks that grant the users unnatural power. Meanwhile, attorney Sarah Sinclair secretly investigates the mysterious death of her friend and mentor, prosecutor Monica Cambel, suspecting her sudden death from “natural causes” was in fact murder.
Number of episodes: 15
Vintage: 2018-12-03

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Studio Pierrot Reveals Crime Action Anime Hero Mask Exclusively for Netflix

posted on 2018-11-02 03:49 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
15-episode series premieres worldwide on December 3

This Week in Anime - Is Hero Mask Worth Watching?

by Nicholas Dupree and Steve Jones, Dec 11th 2018

Studio Pierrot’s Hero Mask Anime Gets 2nd Season on Netflix in August

posted on 2019-07-23 00:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Yu Shimamura joins returning cast, staff in sequel to December 2018 Netflix anime

ANN Interview - HERO MASK Director Hiroyasu Aoki

by Kim Morrissy, Aug 7th 2019

ANN Interview - HERO MASK Producer Mikio Ono

by Kim Morrissy, Aug 9th 2019

Sentai License Announcement



Seasons 1 & 2 Complete Collection




HERO MASK | Multi-Audio Clip: Car-flipping Scruffle | Netflix Anime


3/26/2021 1:16:03 PM


Check out who’ll be voicing your favorite character in our English dub. Then head over to the Sentai Shop and order your copy today!

Mike Haimoto - Episodes 1-24
John Swasey - Episodes 1-12

ADR Engineers
Patrick Marrero - Episodes 1-24
Ricardo Contreras - Episodes 1-12
David Lascoe - Episodes 1-12
Jonathan Rodriguez - Episodes 13-24

Brent Marshall - Episodes 1-24

ADR Script
George Manley - Episodes 1-24
Mike Haimoto - Episodes 1-24
John Swasey - Episodes 1-12

James - Chris Patton
Sarah - Luci Christian
Eddy - Blake Shepard
Lennox - Josh Morrison
Harry - Andrew Love
Theo - Adam Gibbs
Connor - Jay Hickman
Steven - John Gremillion
Fred - Joe Daniels
Anna - Christine Auten
Grimm - Scott Gibbs
Richard - Mark Laskowski
Robert - Rob Mungle
Monica - Sara Gaston
Eleanor - Teresa Zimmerman
Eleanor’s Mom - Joanne Bonasso
Eleanor’s Dad - Mike Vance
May - Meg McDonald
Jasper - John Swasey
Eve - Taylor Fono
Oliver - Matthew Henderson
The Man - Adam Noble
Frank - Blake Jackson
Tina - Hilary Haag
Alan - Seán Patrick Judge
Douglas - David Matranga
William - David Wald
Gary - James Belcher
Julia - Maggie Flecknoe
Professional #1 - Chris Hutchison
Professional #2 - Olivia Swasey
Professional #3 - Courtland Johnson
Professional #4 - Ben Mclaughlin
Professional #5 - Ty Mahany
Professional #6 - Jovan Jackson
Professional #7 - Bryson Baugus
Olivia - Patricia Duran
Lisa - Allison Sumrall

Additional Voices (Episodes 1-12) Additional Voices (Episodes 13-24)
Adam Noble Allison Sumrall
Blake Jackson Ben McLaughlin
Courtland Johnson Bryson Baugus
Heath Morrow Carli Mosier
Joanne Bonasso Courtland Johnson
John Gremillion Greg Cote
John Hallmark Joe Daniels
Mai Le John Gremillion
Mark Laskowski John Swasey
Matthew Kuhns Jovan Jackson
Meg McDonald Luci Christian
Mike Haimoto Maggie Flecknoe
Mike Vance Mike Haimoto
Nathan Wilson Olivia Swasey
Olivia Swasey Patricia Duran
Sara Gaston Patrick Marrero
Teresa Zimmerman Rob Mungle
Shannon Reed
Ty Mahany
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Chris Patton is in this???

I seriously can’t remember the last show he did, aside from FMP 4!


Hero=Mask Interview with Soichiro Kubo and Hisaki Kato

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