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Holiday Image (Greeting Cards)

Hey everyone New Year time for a sort of new and but exciting thread to be revealed of this 2022 year for everyone to post in and have fun

To add to @Slowhand holiday gift that keeps giving and she keeps going (posting) days and after year
I thought this year we can post along side of her in the spirit of the holiday

You can post an image of your fav holiday and or make it a greeting card (only up to five) and title it and what you did or plan to do

This is just a sample for last year 2021


Work is never done but we can still dream
Man I was working all night on this project call don’t wake me up and I think I made a song about it or was the Chris Brown

Happy Haunting The Web
I watched and played Resident Evil all night

Colors brings light to the world
Cooking and enjoying the awesome food that is better than @MaouSadao cooking jk and the fall weather


Is it Christmas already!?
Busy opening up the greatest gift of all love or was it anime🤔 lol



That’s just a sample
So join in on the holiday festivities :tada:

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I’d love to, but I worked all the holidays. Lol.

New Years was an oddity, cause it was the first time in 15 years that I didn’t work when the year changed in my timezone. So, there’s that. Lol

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There’s nothing like making some extra holiday cash for I rainy day

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