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If Her Flag Breaks / Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]The mysterious girl is none other than Megumu! LOL His sisters played a trick on him and switched all of his clothes with girl’s clothes. Poor kid. Anyway, Kurumiko is finally introduced to the others. Souta wants to take her back to the school and Tsumugi has Mimori pull some strings to accomplish that. The price with be a date with Souta of course. However, Mimori can only hope that Souta doesn’t fall in love with her. LOL

Souta and Mimori enjoy their date and Souta gets a love flag. But despite all of her efforts, Mimori can’t get Kurumiko into the school. Kurumiko puts on a brave front, but she is devastated and tears fill her eyes when she’s told she can’t join Souta at school. They part and everyone enjoyed their time at the beach. But when they all arrive at the dorm, Kurumiko is already there to greet them. She tells them that a nice girl brought her there. That girl was Mei!

Mei fixed the school’s data to allow Kurumiko to attend. Mimori was surprised that she didn’t think of that. Tsumugi just tells her that she’s useless when it counts. Not only has Kurumiko joined them, but Tsumugi and Mimori are moving into the dorm as well. Akane assumes that Mei is moving in too and is happy that they are all together. That was not Mei’s intention, but as she goes to leave, Kurumiko’s pleas stop her. Looks like Mei is moving in too!

Souta and Mei get to talk at one point and Mei tells him the difference in their flag powers. She also tells Souta about “The Angel Boat”. I wonder now if the Premium Ambriel was really the Angel Boat. Mei asks Souta what he wants to do with his power and he tells her that he wishes to rid himself of his death flag. He also tells Mei that he wants to find the truth of this world. Mei opens a gate to show him part of that truth.

But Souta is disappointed to find that he’s still in the school. He realizes that he’s in a different world when his girlfriends don’t know him. Mei tells him that they are in a parallel universe and that the Council of the Seven watches over the worlds. She also tells Souta what her job is. Mei takes Souta to another spot. It’s the scene of the accident from the first episode. But in this world, it’s Nanami that dies. It looks like Akane also dies from her fall, as well as Kurumiko from drowning in the cave.

Another jump and they are on the Premium Ambriel. He finds someone that has given up and is ready to die with everyone else. He encourages that person to live and it turns out to be Miyuki. When Souta mentions Quest Dorm, Miyuki is surprised and tells Souta that her great grandfather went missing underneath the dorm just before World War II. Souta asks who her great grandfather was. His name was Souta Hatate! And her name is Miyuki Hatate! An explosion separates them, but Miyuki tells him that she has a reason to live now and a main character flag pops up. Things then get fuzzy.

Souta wakes up in his own world again. Mei tells a very pale Souta about his power again and what he’s capable of doing. Souta begins to cough up blood. Mei thinks that he’s being influenced by the death flag and she grabs it. She feels death and fear. Now she realizes what Souta is going through. He bears all the fate of the world by himself. Although she feels complete despair, she also admires Souta and another love flag is born. Knowing that he can save the world as well as the Council, Mei refuses to let Souta die. She begs for help to save him.

A little later, Mei kneels next to the unconscious Souta. She was only able to give him a temporary reprieve. Still, she was happy to save him. Mei really is in love with Souta. Sakura floats down and Mei is amazed to see The Sacraments. Sakura apologizes to her and tells Mei that she can’t allow her to interfere. Sakura says that “the apostles of the seven virtues know too many things that he can’t be allowed to know”. Sakura puts her hand on top of Mei’s head and Mei fall unconscious. Sakura says that Souta must find the ultimate truth on his own and then she disappears.

Souta wakes up with his head on Mei’s lap. She doesn’t know why. Souta also sees that she has a conquest complete flag, and when he asks her about flags and the Council of Seven, Mei seems confused. Souta realizes that Mei’s memory is gone! No wonder Sakura was apologizing so much! I didn’t think she would take so much of Mei’s memory.[/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Over summer break, Rin and Souta end up relaxing at Kikuno’s house. Souta is still thinking about Mei’s missing memories and what the reason might be. Ruri shows up and flies off with Souta. They quickly arrive at Akane’s house. Souta thought he was going to die. LOL Akane apologizes. When she said she missed him, she wasn’t expecting Ruri to go get him!

Ruri returns to maintenance and Souta gets a taste of the upper class. I had to laugh when Akane referred to herself as the “Crawling Chaos”. It kinds of fits her actually, but I’m glad that Akane really isn’t Nyarlathotep. LOL Souta feels the need to reassure her after her outburst. There goes that love flag again as Akane thinks Souta is proposing to her. He has to calm her down again.

Souta calls Kikuno to let her know that he’s okay and most of the tribe is soon barging into Akane’s house. And that is all Kikuno’s fault! After apologizing again, Akane decides that they should all have fun together. Not knowing fancy table manners, everyone copies Akane when it’s time to eat. They even copy her mistakes and her instructions to her butler!

Souta later relaxes in the outdoor bath and thinks Megumu is joining him, but it’s really Rin. She yells at him for being in the women’s bath. He tells her that it’s the men’s bath. When the other girl’s arrive, Souta realizes that it really is the women’s bath. Rin quickly hides Souta, but she’s still upset that he saw her naked. There goes any chance of her getting married! LOL Of course, it that were to happen, Souta offers to marry her. There go all those love flags again!

However, it turns out that this is the only bath with just different hours for men and women. Akane forgot to mention that to Souta and Rin. Souta is almost discovered but manages to sneak out while Rin is distracting everyone. Nanami calls Akane out of loneliness and is shocked to find the others with her. While Nanami is on the screen, a pillow fight breaks out and Nanami looks as if she’s feeling very left out. As Nanami begins to throw a fit, the battery dies and the call is cut off. I did like the Souta pillow. LOL

The only solution is to have everyone visit Nanami. If they were all lost with Akane’s upper class, they are really going to be lost with royalty! First off, a private train takes them to the capital. When Akane opens her bag a little Nendoro Ruri pops out. Too cute! The train makes a stop, and a beautiful girl and her maids get on. The girl sees Souta and she assumes that he’s connected to the royal family. A maid corrects her and tells the girl that Souta is Nanami’s classmate. Once she hears that, she runs over to him and begins to ask him some strange questions.

It turns out that the girl is Nanami’s sister, Hakua. Given that her name is Berserker, I wonder if she will eventually end up in Souta’s group. Now that they are acquainted, Hakua wants Souta to tell her all about Japan. Hakua is very amusing and Souta learns that she and Nanami have different mothers. Nanami eventually comes looking for Souta and finds him with Hakua. Even though they are sisters, the two girls don’t really know each other all that well. Ignoring Hakua for the moment, Nanami reprimands Souta for making them all worry.

During her rant, another person enters the private car and is stopped by a maid. The person punches the maid in the stomach. The person is there to assassinate Nanami and Hakua! And when the assassin moves, it’s Ruri! The maids pull out guns and tell Nanami and Hakua to run. This Ruri quickly takes out the maid with the heavy artillery and Souta sees a death flag on Hakua’s head. While the other maids keep Ruri occupied, Nanami gets Souta and Hakua to another car. But Ruri is right behind them.

The cute little Nendoro Ruri takes responsibility for this mass produced unit and tries to stop her, but the assassin just steps over the little Ruri and continues after Souta and the girls. They finally reach the last car and are trapped. The Ruri assassin fires at them and keeps coming. Thinking quickly, Souta disconnects the car from the rest of the train and the Terminator Ruri is left behind. She actually attempts to go after them, but a mysterious figure in a black mask and cape runs her through with a sword. Will she be back? LOL Souta, Nanami, and Hakua are saved, but now they will have to walk the rest of the way. I’m sure it will be quite an adventure![/details]

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Author Touka Takei writes script about Christmas party at Quest Dorm

Who’s Who update edition:

[details=spoiler]The Samurai:
Mei Daimyōzamurai (Note: Damiyo were any of the largest and most powerful landholding magnates in Japan from about the 10th century until the latter half of the 19th century. Also the word Zamurai (Samurai) follows it.

Akane’s Character Song from “Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara”


Well we know part of the secret of this work the Sacraments (Sakura) are looking for is tied to Ms Knight as she still has yet to have a flag, but I got nothing out of the backstory about the wars or him being the Royal Flag that would indicate any reason why she doesn’t ahve a flag. Unless we are going Fate/Stay and she is the King, not just a knight of the world. Why do I think she is actually a younger Zero? something is more amiss in this than in TWGOK.

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And since I never got around to posting the other Character Songs, here they are.

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If Her Flag Breaks - Official Trailer

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