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If I’m a premium subscriber on the site, does that give me subscribe access to the app?

  1. iPhone

  2. 5c

  3. 8.2

  4. 4G, 4G LTE, WIFI

  5. APP

  6. Medic Box Ep 5 (no problem, just test)

  7. When I put shows on my list it will not allow me to play from there. Also you should have a search area for shows instead of thumbing through it, and loading things you do not need to. It cuts down Bandwidth usage when you do it that way. Also, please set it up so that you can SEARCH with the options for SUBTITLE, or DUBBED. Once again that would make it easier for the customer to find what they want, and lower Bandwidth usage. Seems like a lot of programming, but in the long run it will be better than Funimation with that setup.


Thank you Bigdaddymiller for your recommendations.


Hey Anime Network, I’m having an issue finding your app in the iTunes app store. Did you guys remove it, or is there a glitch on iTunes’ side?


iTunes app is temporarily down, be back soon!


App should be back online now.

Thanks for your patience!


Paid for subscription in iTunes, and will not update that I am a premium member.

  1. Iphone
  2. Iphone 6s plus
  3. 9.1
  4. Wifi
  5. App
  6. n/a
  7. Yesterday I resubscribed to The Anime Network via iTunes, however while I can watch premium content through the app, my account on the site only lists my subscription level as registered and won’t let me watch premium content on the site. Is this an error with the site?


iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 10.2.1

I’m getting an error saying that the app needs to be updated and is no longer compatible with my phone or OS, so it may cause the phone to run slowly. However, anytime I launch the app, it immediately crashes and returns me to the home screen.

It’s not a big deal, as mobile streaming in Safari still works, but I thought you should be made aware that the app needs updated. Thanks. :wink:


Hi @dragonrider_cody,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with the IOS app. I can confirm that the app is out of date and we have no plans to update the existing app. The best work-around is to use Safari when using an apple device if the existing app doesn’t work for you. We have been working towards developing a brand new app and are currently putting the finishing touches on it right now. I’m reluctant to provide an ETA because the timeline is subject to change, but I am optimistic that you will be pleased with our new offering when available. Stay tuned for official press releases in the very near future on the IOS app relaunch and other exciting site enhancements! Thank you for being the best part of Anime Network!

Customer Service Manager
Anime Network