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Is it Random For An Anime to be turned N 2 A Dub

How does the industry go about translating their shows and at what rough time period do they release dubs for new anime

I have a show that seems to be watch worthy
I haven’t been on top of anime these past years but now I’m slowly seeing some sign of life of what anime I’m into

I’m not 100% about this, but I do know it relates to a shows popularity when originally released subtitled. Some shows are guaranteed to get a dub just because they are licensed by certain companies.

As for release dates of new dub programming, it used to be 3-6 weeks after it aired online subtitled (Simuldub and Dubcast versions respectively). With the virus and all that, now it’s all random though…

So does that mean it has a lot of ppl watching it on a certain anime website that ppl have to go to see the show

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Pretty much.

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