Is Saya Kisaragi just an aswang?

Is Saya Kisaragi from the anime Blood-C actually just a Filipina aswang from pre-Spanish colonial era Philippines?

In the anime Blood-C, Saya Kisaragi’s origins are shrouded in mystery. She isn’t even Japanese. And her real name is just Saya. Her last name Kisaragi is fake. In all honesty, we don’t even know if her real name is Saya at all. Her real name would have probably been native female Filipino Tagalog such as Luwalhati, Diwa, etc. Her real last name on the other hand, would have been native Filipino Tagalog such as Atabay, Dimasupil, Una, etc.

Despite her youthful physical appearance, she is actually much older. A lot of people said that she is an Elder Bairn but there are also ones that say that she is something else. As for her looking like a Japanese teenage human girl, this probably isn’t even her real form. Her real form is probably that of tanned skinned Filipino teenage girl with large eyes and not that of a pale-skinned slanted eyed Japanese teenage girl.

Her real form could have probably been like this long-black-haired tanned-skinned girl(She is in the right and not the left because the one in the left is a short-haired boy wearing a red T-shirt.) in this webtoon art:

I am not saying that this webtoon is connected to Blood-C. I am just saying that Saya Kisaragi’s real physical appearance could have been like the girl in this webtoon art. By the way, this fantasy webtoon is called “Mayari”. This webtoon and this art is created by the webtoon artist Azilim. I did not create the webtoon Mayari or all of its art.

She could have probably used a supernatural power that changed her physical appearance from that of a Filipina teenage girl into that of a Japanese teenage girl. Keep in mind that aswangs have the supernatural power to change from one human form into another different human form. Seriously, those are one of the aswang’s supernatural powers.

Another thing that sets her apart from Elder Bairns is that she is a monster but looks like a human. She’s probably not even an Elder Bairn but something else.

So again, is there a possibility that Saya Kisaragi is actually just a Filipina aswang from Pre-Spanish colonial era Philippines?

By the way, search up aswangs so you can understand what I am saying.