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Kana Hanazawa, Kisho Taniyama Softly Whispering in Your Ears in Shiso Shochu CMs

April 10, 2018 2:30am EDT
The company’s president also recorded his voice for the customers

Cosplay talent agency launches in Japan, offers representation to foreign cosplayers too

April 10, 2018 / Sora News 24
Dwango, the operators of Japan’s Nico Nico Douga streaming service, want to connect passionate cosplayers with paying jobs.

Japanese advertising agency breaks tradition by recruiting people who got held back in school

April 10, 2018 / Sora News 24
When a company ensures that everyone deserves a second chance, it’s a company worth working for.

“YouTuber” slides way down list of top professions Japanese kids aspire to

April 10, 2018 / Sora News 24
Japanese kids are unsubscribing from a future in content creation in favour of old-school aspirations.

Japan Mint in Osaka opens gates to street full of sakura

April 10, 2018 at 17:15 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Lisa’s In and Around Tokyo: Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum: All about Japan’s favorite noodles

April 10, 2018 at 08:00 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

91-year-old actress continues 50-year fight for inclusive society

April 10, 2018 at 06:22 am JST / Japan Today

Mao Daichi takes on 6 roles on chanson album

10:42 am, April 10, 2018 / The Japan News

Under 35 percent of middle school English teachers in Japan meet government proficiency benchmark

April 10, 2018 / Sora news 24
Numbers for high school teachers aren’t much rosier in recent study by education ministry.

Godzilla Chills Out with Spa Resort Hawaiians Collaboration

April 10, 2018 7:16pm CDT
Four day event features displays of giant-sized models, movie monster suits, and more


Pop Team Epic Girls, Actress Minami Hamabe Dance Their Way to Employment

posted on 2018-04-11 13:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Live-Action Iryū Actor Kenji Sakaguchi Goes on Medical Hiatus

posted on 2018-04-11 14:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Actor revealed he has incurable idiopathic osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Coachella Will Resurrect X Japan Members Hide & Taiji as Holograms

posted on 2018-04-11 14:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Cowboy Bebop Characters Reunite for Animate Café Collab

posted on 2018-04-11 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge


Anime Central Hosts Director Mitsuo Iso, Artist Takeshi Nogami

posted on 2018-04-12 06:30 EDT by April
Illinois convention runs from May 18-20

Japanese Guitarist MIYAVI Announces North American Concert Dates For “DAY 2” Tour

Apr 12th 2018

My Hero Academia Blackboard Art Gives High School Seniors a Super Surprise

posted on 2018-04-12 19:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

“GeGeGe no Kitaro” Brings Scares to the Track with New Collaboration

April 12, 2018 10:15pm CDT
JRA creates spooky interactive website for the show’s return


Check Out New Voice Actress Idol Unit “Grand Chariot” Debut Song MV “Dear☆Starlight”

April 13, 2018 12:10am CDT
Their character visuals are drawn by popular light novel illustrator Hazara Hisaka

Singer Keiko Kubota Leaves Kalafina Singing Unit

posted on 2018-04-13 01:35 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Wakana Ootaki, Hikaru Masai to continue musical activities

Anime Central to Host Music Group fhána

posted on 2018-04-13 17:15 EDT by Karen Ressler
Eccentric Family, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid performers to appear at May convention

Curry Restaurant’s New Gundam Collaboration Focuses on Char’s Rise as ‘Red Comet’

posted on 2018-04-13 17:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

“My Hero Academia” Conquers J-WORLD TOKYO This Summer

April 13, 2018 4:20pm CDT
Shonen Jump’s amusement park brings the power later this month

Voice Actress Idol Unit i☆Ris Show Their Dark and Gothic Atmosphere in Latest MV “Changing point”

April 13, 2018 9:50pm CDT
Full dance version music videos for their 14th single “Shining Star” and 15th “Memorial” are also posted

10 ways being an anime otaku was different 30 years ago

April 13, 2018 / Sora News 24
Japanese fans sound off on things that used to be a normal part of the otaku life, but aren’t anymore.


Vancouver’s Anirevo Hosts Voice Actress Hitomi Nabatame

posted on 2018-04-14 07:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Bleach, Oreimo voice actress to host live-recording panel at August 3-5 event

Recent study once again ranks Japan as the country that sleeps the least

April 14, 2018 / Sora News 24
Japanese men and women seem to sleep as much as one hour less than people from other countries.

GARNiDELiA to be Musical Guests at A-Kon 2018

Apr 14th 2018

Anisong Band fhána Brings “World Atlas Tour 2018” to ACen

Apr 14th 2018


Yoshiki Returns to Drums for 10th Anniversary of X Japan’s Reunion

Apr 15th 2018

Wandering Son’s Takako Shimura Draws Kukikodan Musical Group

posted on 2018-04-15 17:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Shonen Jump’s 50th Anniversary Music Fest Hosts KANA-BOON, Kishidan, BiSH, Little Glee Monster

posted on 2018-04-15 18:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Virtual YouTuber Trend Expands with Talent Agencies, TV Appearances

posted on 2018-04-15 20:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Long-awaited Moomin theme park in Japan finally announces its planned grand opening

April 15, 2018 / Sora News 24
The much-anticipated park will resemble the original park in Finland and allow guests to explore the world of the beloved characters.

Picture Of The Day: Cozy capsule

Apr. 15, 2018 at 06:18 am JST / Japan Today


Eir Aoi’s First Solo Concert in 21 Months to be Held at Nippon Budokan on August 16

April 16, 2018 12:40am CDT
Tickets will be sold for her fan club members first from May 7

High School Girls x Golf Manga “Swing!!” Gets Radio Drama

April 16, 2018 7:18am CDT
Main cast revealed for audio adaptation based on web manga written by Takousa and illustrated by Oriko Sakura

“Kemono Friends” Vocal Unit PPP Previews Debut Album

April 16, 2018 8:21am CDT
First major release from Penguins Performance Project will be published on World Penguin Day (April 25, 2018)

Enjoy the weird signs of Okinawa’s Maehara district, it’s like a city decorated in dad jokes

April 16, 2018 / Sora News 24
Swing by this lovely town and enjoy “five times bonus points” as promised by one of their signs.

Even Japanese people are frightened by the concealed anger in Kyoto compliment foreigner received

April 16, 2018 / Sora News 24
African-born president of Kyoto Seika University was told his parties sounded fun, but there was a hidden meaning.

Anime film Your Name’s director Makoto Shinkai is immortalized in an asteroid’s name

April 16, 2018 / Sora News 24
Makoto Shinkai can add one more special achievement to his resume that is quite literally out of this world.

Tourist train will debut July 1 to promote charms of Sanin region

April 16, 2018 at 07:00 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Only one way in at snow corridor along Tateyama alpine range

April 16, 2018 at 18:45 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Tokyo Disney Resort expansion plans confirmed on 35th birthday

April 16, 2018 at 15:55 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Pair of mangoes fetches record-matching Y400,000 at season’s 1st auction

Apr. 16, 2018 at 06:00 pm JST / Japan Today

Laid-Back Camp Chills Out at Fuji-Q Highland

posted on 2018-04-16 16:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Notorious Doodler Takuya Eguchi Narrates for Museum Exhibit

posted on 2018-04-16 17:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Declare Your Love for “Magical Girl Ore” at New Collab Café

April 16, 2018 5:25pm CDT
Myoujin Café rolls out a special menu for this spring’s crazy hit

Fairy Tale Girls Return for “Maerchen Maedchen” Audio Dramas

April 16, 2018 6:35pm CDT
Three new downloadable stories will come with Volume 4 of the light novel


Cardcaptor Sakura Celebrates Easter & Sakura’s Birthday with Musical Performances, Original Skit

posted on 2018-04-17 12:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

Life-Size Gundam Unicorn’s 1st Projection Mapping Set for April 21

posted on 2018-04-17 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

It’s a Musical Match! Superfly’s Shiho Ochi, Fujifabric’s Daisuke Kanazawa Marry

posted on 2018-04-17 18:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

X JAPAN Makes ‘Epic’ Debut at Coachella 2018

Apr 17th 2018


Design Festa Gallery: A Simple Yet Complicated Story

posted on 2018-04-18 12:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

Milktub Vocalist bamboo Ties the Knot at Eccentric Family Pilgrimage Site

posted on 2018-04-18 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Explore Ainu Cuisine at “Golden Kamuy” Collab Café

April 18, 2018 8:15pm CDT

Florida Supercon to Host Ultraman’s Bin Furuya, Godzilla’s Tsutomu Kitagawa

posted on 2018-04-18 19:25 EDT by Karen Ressler
Suit actors to attend July convention


Korg Gadget Music Production Studio for Switch Launches on April 26

posted on 2018-04-19 09:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

New Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Café Opens in Tokyo in April

posted on 2018-04-19 13:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Yokohama’s Summer Nights Are Filled with Parading Pikachu

posted on 2018-04-19 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Event ditches Pokémon GO collaboration this year after previous congestion problems

Sakura Quest Town Turns to Fans to Help Revitalize Local Pond

posted on 2018-04-19 16:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Cool Japan Fund Appoints Sony Music Entertainment’s Naoki Kitagawa as New CEO

posted on 2018-04-19 18:30 EDT by Karen Ressler
Yūji Katō also steps up as senior managing director, chief information officer

Learn to Make the Cutest Sailor Moon Bento with How-To Video

posted on 2018-04-19 18:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Bonus: watch Gesshoku Kaigi perform “La Soldier” for upcoming tribute album


Spaghetti Girl “Napolitan” is Back with Her Rival “Meat Sousui” Voiced by Maaya Uchida

April 20, 2018 3:30am CDT
Special event to choose the best Japanese spaghetti dish will be held at Nico Nico Chokaigi 2018

Colorful Japanese Fashion Brand galaxxxy Will Be at A-Kon 2018

Apr 20th 2018
galaxxxy brings their brand of cute and colorful with MARiA (GARNiDELiA) walking the runway this June

Rock Out on Universal Studio Japan’s Rollercoaster With FFXIV Music

posted on 2018-04-20 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Check Out Kingdom Hearts Singer Hikaru Utada Latest Single “Play A Love Song”

posted on 2018-04-20 18:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

DearDream, SisterS, and More Join AniSama 2018 Line-Up

April 20, 2018 6:36pm CDT
Summer anison concert adds to its already impressive roster


Vancouver’s Anirevo Hosts Voice Actor Kappei Yamaguchi

posted on 2018-04-21 05:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
One Piece, Inuyasha, Persona 4 voice actor to host panels, photo booth sessions at August 3-5 event

ToraCon Otaku Marriage Consultation Service Adds Wine Tasting, Lolita Tea Party, Anime Pilgrimage

posted on 2018-04-21 18:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Here’s the face of a man who lived in Japan about 27,000 years ago

April 21, 2018 at 17:55 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Tokyo pushing stringent ban on smoking to take effect in stages

April 21, 2018 at 17:35 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Startlingly real sketches draw big response

11:00 am, April 21, 2018 / The Japan News

Shimyoin temple a source of both water, monsters

5:00 am, April 21, 2018 The Japan News


Gold medalist Hanyu returns home to massive parade in Sendai

April 22, 2018 at 18:50 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

World’s oldest person dies in Japan at age of 117

April 22, 2018 at 11:25 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Picture Of The Day: Waseda rows to victory

Apr. 22, 2018 at 07:00 pm JST / Japan Today

Singer / Voice Actress Yui Makino Appointed as PR Ambassador

April 22, 2018 12:52pm CDT
Makino serves in honorary position to promote tourism in the town of Kamifurano in Hokkaido

Man Arrested for Sending Death Threats to Actress Non

posted on 2018-04-22 23:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Police arrest 47-year-old Hokkaido man after allegedly writing 4 death threats

Watch Voice Actress Ayaka Ohashi’s Evolution-themed Music Video “Sing-along Shinkaron”

April 22, 2018 9:30pm CDT
Her much-anticipated 2nd full album “PROGRESS” hits stores May 23


Where the heck has this guy been since February?


Check Out Life-Size Gundam Unicorn’s 1st Projection Mapping

posted on 2018-04-23 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

“Annoying to put on clothes,” Kochi City official arrested for taking out garbage naked

April 23, 2018 / Sora News 24
Not saying I agree with what he did, but he does have a point.

Gold medalist Takagi sisters welcomed back with parade

April 23, 2018 at 16:55 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

B’z celebrate 30 years in music business with Tokyo exhibition

April 23, 2018 at 07:30 JST / The Asahi Shimbun

Young children, due to stress, aging before their time

Apr. 23, 2018 at 05:16 am JST / Japan Today

Black beauty

8:36 pm, April 23, 2018 / The Japan News

Bridge of blossoms

9:41 pm, April 23, 2018 / The Japan News

New Japan, Old Japan / Koinobori swim through time

7:00 pm, April 23, 2018 / The Japan News




Pokemon Piplup Reborn as Strange Dancing Pop Star

posted on 2018-04-24 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

‘Ghibli Park’ Reveals Concept Art, Plans to Open in 2022

posted on 2018-04-24 20:00 EDT by Karen Ressler
Aichi Prefecture, Studio Ghibli collaborate on park


“Kemono Friends” VA Unit PPP Shows Off Their Dance Moves in “Ozora Dreamer” MV

April 25, 2018 2:50am CDT
The five-member unit’s first solo concert is scheduled to be held in Tokyo on September 2

Ghibli Park Teases Mononoke Village, Kiki Area in More Art

posted on 2018-04-25 06:40 EDT by Egan Loo
Areas inspired by Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle also previewed

Fans Respond to Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya’s Angry Outburst at Event

posted on 2018-04-25 14:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

One Piece Premier Summer Events Return to Universal Studios in July

posted on 2018-04-25 17:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman

Sanrio Mascots Vie for Power in This Year’s Character Popularity Poll

posted on 2018-04-25 18:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Tokio Band Member Tatsuya Yamaguchi Referred to Prosecutors for Indecent Act with High School Girl

posted on 2018-04-25 19:00 EDT by Karen Ressler
Bassist allegedly kissed girl against her will


Tokio’s Tatsuya Yamaguchi Halts All Entertainment Activities, Enters House Arrest

posted on 2018-04-26 05:00 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
46-year-old accused of kissing high-school aged girl against her will in February

Mirai of the Future Director Mamoru Hosoda Gets Summer Retrospective Exhibit

posted on 2018-04-26 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

Enjoy Nature’s Small Wonders at the Hakumei & Mikochi Botanical Garden Tour

posted on 2018-04-26 15:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

X JAPAN Proves Rock’s Not Dead at Coachella 2018

Apr 26th 2018


Japanese Rock Legend Miyavi Debuts Powerful Music Video For New Track “Long Nights” Featuring Former Afghan Child Bride Turned Rapper And Social Activist Sonita

Apr 27th 2018
“The Samurai Guitarist” And Star Of Angelina Jolie-Directed Film “Unbroken” Will Perform Live Concerts In 6 Major U.S. Cities In May; New Music Video Features Sundance Film Festival Winner Sonita

Anirevo Proudly Welcomes Voice Actress Satsuki Yukino to Vancouver

Apr 27th 2018