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ANN Interview: nano

by Kyle Cardine, Feb 6th 2019

Sapporo Snow Festival’s Sword Art Online Sculpture Unveiled

posted on 2019-02-06 13:45 EST by Kim Morrissy


Megumi Nakajima Takes on 80’s Idol Look in PV for Her Cover Album “Lovely Time Travel”

February 07, 2019 2:30am CST
The voice of Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier), Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely (Happiness Charge PreCure!)

Director Sion Sono Hospitalized Due to Heart Attack, is in Recovery (Updated)

posted on 2019-02-07 14:15 EST by Karen Ressler
Love Exposure, Himizu director brought in via emergency transport


Megumi Ogata Establishes Her Own Talent Agency

posted on 2019-02-08 03:15 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
New “Breathe Arts” company will handle voice actors, singers, musicians


Voice Actress Kana Ueda Hospitalized Due to Poor Health

posted on 2019-02-09 02:04 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Voice of Rin Tohsaka cancels U.S. appearance at Fate/Grand Order event

Anime Central 2019 to Host Natsumi Takamori

posted on 2019-02-09 08:00 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Voice actress to make 1st N. American convention appearance

Macross Director/Designer Shoji Kawamori’s Works Get Exhibition in May

posted on 2019-02-09 13:45 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Exhibit celebrates Kawamori’s 40-year career

Lucky Star Voice Actor Kaori Fukuhara Voices Cyber Security Firewall Character

posted on 2019-02-09 14:45 EST by Kim Morrissy
Fukuhara will also appear at a cyber security information conference on March 2.


UFC Fighter Compares Latest Fight to “Rock Lee vs Gaara”

February 10, 2019 10:00am CST
Legendary Naruto showdown referenced in the pre-fight hype for UFC 234’s main event

Penguin Meets Penguin in Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan and Shinagawa Aquarium Collaboration

posted on 2019-02-10 13:45 EST by Kim Morrissy


Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece Dub Actress Brina Palencia Welcomes Baby

posted on 2019-02-11 14:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

Voice Actress Kana Ueda Leaves Hospital

posted on 2019-02-11 16:00 EST by Jennifer Sherman
Ueda was hospitalized due to poor health on Thursday

Kaguya-sama Delays ‘War’ for Valentine’s Day Event

posted on 2019-02-11 18:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

Naruto Indoor Theme Park to Open in Shanghai

posted on 2019-02-11 22:50 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Shanghai New World mall hosts theme park by Japan’s Nelke Planning


Precure Voice Actress Kanako Miyamoto Marries

posted on 2019-02-12 03:00 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Actress voiced Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword in Dokidoki! Precure

Yuri Fair 2019 Set for 5-City Tour Across Japan

posted on 2019-02-12 15:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

World’s 1st Immersive “Poo Museum” Opens in Yokohama in March

posted on 2019-02-12 17:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

Voice Actress Nanako Mori Announces Marriage

posted on 2019-02-12 22:50 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Former Takarasienne recently voiced Bloom Into You’s Miyako Kodama

TRUE 5th Anniversary Live Sound! vol.2 ~FAN SELECTION~ Decided to be Hold

Feb 12th 2019


Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Host Horror Manga Artist Junji Ito

posted on 2019-02-13 01:27 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Toronto convention takes place on May 11-12

Former Voice Actress Hiroko Konishi Shares Her #MeToo Story

posted on 2019-02-13 13:45 EST by Kim Morrissy

Japan’s Ministry of Health Turns to Survey Corps During Latest Flu Outbreak

posted on 2019-02-13 15:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge


Cosplayer Enako Channels Hestia for Young Gangan Cover

posted on 2019-02-14 19:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

ANIME CITY - Zombie Land Saga Invades the MAPPA Showcase Exhibit!

February 14, 2019 8:30pm CST
Event held at the PARCO department store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo


Jouji Nakata’s Seiyū Red and White Contest Adds 2nd Round of Performers

posted on 2019-02-15 18:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge


VA Unit Sphere to Release Their 10th Anniversary Album “10s” on May 8

February 17, 2019 11:10pm CST
Their 10th anniversary tour “A10tion!” will kick off on September 7


Kan Colle Illustrator UGUME Goes to Hospital After Losing Consciousness at Home

posted on 2019-02-18 05:00 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Artist posted that they were fine, but required more detailed tests

Japanese Government Expands Scope of Proposed Copyright Law Reforms

posted on 2019-02-18 21:20 EST by Karen Ressler
New proposal would ban screenshots of pirated media


Johnny’s Talent Agency Produces Its 1st Virtual Idols

posted on 2019-02-19 01:02 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Naniwa Danshi’s Jōichirō Fujiwara, Kazuya Ōhashi voice new characters

Red Cross Japan Launches New Collaboration Campaign with Cells at Work! for Blood Donation

February 19, 2019 1:10am CST
The medical humanitarian organization has collaborated with the anime since last June