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And just like that, we hit the $85,000 mark!!!

Which means, due to the three Super Fans, we’ve actually hit the $100,000 mark!!

[size=5]Feature length season here we come!!![/size]


Something to look forward to!



[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Thanks to our final Kickstarter push, some awesome new things have been unlocked for JourneyQuest, including: Legendary RPG designer (and actor) Monte Cook will create an encounter for Glorion as he explores the Temple of All Dooms, which will be incorporated into the script for Season Two. Monte may even write in a cameo for himself![/quote]

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Glorion in the Temple of All Dooms!


Looks like they’re putting up short little Virtue vids from JQ.

[size=5]JourneyQuest Virtues: Honor[/size]

[video type=youtube]2MIzjQZo8Y4[/video]

[size=5]JourneyQuest Virtues: Courage[/size]

[video type=youtube]y1dw8h5BXWU[/video]


Here’s the newest installment of Rude Mechanical

Rude Mechanical Ep. 09

[video type=youtube]atsmisAPD7I[/video]


Two more Virtue vids!

[size=5]JourneyQuest Virtues: Compassion[/size]

[video type=youtube]CdCjoYJnK2Q[/video]

[size=5]JourneyQuest Virtues: Eloquence[/size]

[video type=youtube]EJENk8oOwww[/video]



More incentives!

Only 6 days left, and we’re currently at $100,992.
Which means, with the addition of the final one of the three $5,000 pledgers, we’re past the $105,000 mark!

Which also means, those of us that have contributed, all get Supporter’s patches!!

I’d love to see what they’d do for the beefcake calendar, but I’m not sure we’ll hit that much before time’s up.

[quote][size=5]Update #13: $100k Update[/size]

We were stunned when we raised $16,000 in a single day last week at the launch of our $100k challenge. That means we reached our goal: our three matching contributors, Steve, Beth, and Brad, will each put in $5000 (two of the three already have!)

What does that mean for the final days of our campaign?

First of all, every Kickstarter backer is invited to join us for a Waffle Feast in Everett, WA on December 10th. Hang out with our cast and crew, be the first to hear about plans for Season Two, and eat a celebratory waffle or two. We’ll send a message to all of you with the details as soon as the campaign ends, in just eight short days. (And yes, we will livestream the event.)

Second, we’ve added some incentives to unlock above the $100k level, especially if—as in most Kickstarter campaigns—we see a big surge of last-minute contributions pour in. Here’s what we’re thinking.

$105,000 – Every contributor receives an exclusive backer’s-only embroidered Season Two Supporter patch.
$110,000 – We commission a full-color map of Fartherall, the world of JourneyQuest
$115,000 – We greenlight development of the JourneyQuest Role-playing Game
$120,000 – We produce the official Orcs of JourneyQuest beefcake calendar[/quote]


And I do believe, this will be the last Virtue vid.

[size=5]****JourneyQuest Virtues: Forgiveness ****[/size]

[video type=youtube]vOXWdZvbRj8[/video]

And it looks like, once the Kickstarter is over in 4 days, all the Virtue vids will be available for backers only.


Well, well, well…
Apparently I was wrong about that one being the last Virtue vid…
Seems they’re having way too much fun with this to stop now.

Dead Gentlemen Productions

Have ideas for a JourneyQuest Virtues video? Post them here and we’ll choose one to use for tomorrow’s video![/quote]

So I guess, if you have any ideas, post them on their FB page!



[size=5]****ONLY 61 MORE HOURS TO GO!!


Don’t forget, once the time is up, your pledge will be processed.
So make sure you have enough in your account to cover you pledge amount!

Also looks like they haven’t gotten around to posting the next Virtue vid yet, that they said they were going to post today.

I guess real life has called for duty today.

I’m sure they’ll get to it though.


Crossover episode!

Here’s the newest installment of Rude Mechanical

Rude Mechanical Ep. 10

[video type=youtube]sMYE-Y3OH4A[/video]



[size=5]LESS THAN 12 HOURS TO GO!![/size]

We’re up to 111,030!!

And the next update…

[size=5]Update #15: The Final Countdown[/size]

*What an incredible two months! Thanks to everybody for your support and encouragement.

With less than twenty-four hours remaining on our campaign, this is the last chance to pledge if you haven’t already. Since we’re well over our minimum ($60k) and medium ($100k) targets, we’re happy to relax and ride out this last day, rather than getting all up in your face about the looming deadline. (In fact, our goal here at ZOE is to finish this update, get Rude Mechanical episode 10 out the door, make sure our Amazon Payments account is up to date, and spend the rest of the weekend playing Skyrim…)


If you’re a current backer, don’t forget that Amazon will be processing your payment soon. Please make sure that your payment information is up to date and that you have enough to cover your pledge. (If you need to cancel or decrease your pledge, today is your last chance to do so—we’ll understand!)

If you’re thinking about pledging and getting some of these awesome, exclusive rewards, but you have some questions, don’t hesitate to message us. We’re happy to help you out.

Also, we know that it’s Black Friday today. Some of you will be participating in Buy Nothing Day. Others will be dreading the traditional trip to the mall. To the latter, may we suggest that gifting credits and other JourneyQuest goodies takes only a few minutes, leaving that much more time today for Skyri… ahem, important work.

As of this moment, the campaign is sitting at $108,955, just a short distance from $110,000 and unlocking a full-color map of Fartherall, the world of JourneyQuest. Since we surpassed $105,000, we’re thrilled to be designing exclusive season two supporter embroidered patches for everyone who contributed, at every level, as an additional thank you to our 1,055+ supporters. While we may not reach $115,000 or $120,000 before the end of the campaign, we’re still hoping to find a way to make the JourneyQuest RPG and Orcish Beefcake Calendar a reality.

Finally, if you’re local to the Seattle area, or if you have an internet connection, we’re looking forward to spending part of December 10th with you, in person or virtually, at the JourneyQuest Supporters Waffle Feast, hosted by the AFK Tavern in Everett, Washington. We’ll get more details out to you in a few days, so stay tuned.

We also will be releasing several new Bob Sapp and Jen Page videos as backer exclusives in future updates, plus more JourneyQuest virtues and candid behind-the-scenes footage of the pre-production process, not to mention Jen’s fur bikini photo shoot. See you on the flip side!


Matt Vancil, Ben Dobyns, and the entire JourneyQuest team*


[size=5]WE MADE IT!![/size]

We raised $113,028 by the end!

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We made it! Who’s ready for zombies, ancient ruins, the mysterious Watcher, a barbarian king and queen, a rival bard, and an encounter with death?[/quote]


:woohoo: Fantastic news!


Here’s the newest installment of Rude Mechanical

Rude Mechanical Ep. 11

[video type=youtube]vji-42KHrdE[/video]


Here’s the newest installment of Rude Mechanical

Rude Mechanical Ep. 12

[video type=youtube]afUHFoCHi0U[/video]



For reaching the $100k mark they are throwing an all-you-can-eat waffle feast at the AFK Tavern in Everett at 11am PST.

While it’s a shame that I can’t go, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

They will be streaming the event live on their ZOE homepage.

[size=5]If you’re curious, come and join in the watching of the celebration![/size]



[size=5]IT HAS BEGUN![/size]


[size=5]Post you thoughts![/size] (if you have an FB page that is)

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

There were a lot of unanswered questions by the end of the first season of JourneyQuest. What question do you most want an answer for in Season Two? One rule: When will Jen Page/Scott C. Brown/et al show up is not a legitimate response. Plus it’d ruin the surprises.[/quote]


They’re back!

Here’s the newest installment of Rude Mechanical

Rude Mechanical Ep. 13

[video type=youtube]oSj_UX_KDXM[/video]