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Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- / Kakuriyo Yadomeshi



Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- - Official Clip - Welcome to the Hidden Realm


Young Love and Monstrous Marriage - Get Hooked on New Series!

April 26, 2018 10:00am CDT
This week, we take a look at the first episode of “Kakuriyo”


Cooking with Anime: The Best Food To Increase Spiritual Energy

May 04, 2018 10:00am CDT
This egg and chicken rice bowl is warm, filling, and perfect for raising your spirit!


The Spring 2018 Anime Preview Guide - Kakuriyo (Simuldub)

May 4th 2018


Viz Media Announces The Supernatural Romantic Comedy Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits

May 21st 2018


Megumi Nakajima Performs 2nd Ending Song for Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- Anime

posted on 2018-06-06 00:32 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
26-episode anime premiered on April 2


Cooking With Anime: Onsen Tamago from “Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-”

June 08, 2018 10:00am CDT
Is it possible to Americanize onsen eggs by cooking them in a hot tub?


Cooking With Anime: Aoi’s Stewed Pork Belly

June 15, 2018 10:00am CDT
What’s the perfect dish to make for a high-profile couple? Pork belly, apparently.


Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- Anime Reveals New Promo Video, More Cast, New Visual

posted on 2018-06-22 06:04 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Show’s 2nd half starts in July with new cast members Tetsuya Kakihara, Satoshi Hino


Cooking With Anime: Miso-Plum Cucumber and Okra Salad from Kakuriyo -Bed and Breakfast-

June 22, 2018 10:00am CDT
This light yet tasty salad is the perfect thing for a hot summer’s day!


Cooking With Anime: Aoi’s Fried Eggplant from Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-

June 29, 2018 10:00am CDT
Summer eggplants never tasted so good!


Nano Performs Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- Anime’s 2nd Opening Song

posted on 2018-07-03 02:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Show entered 2nd half in Monday with 14th episode


Watch Behind-the-Scenes from Megumi Nakajima’s Latest Song

July 13, 2018 9:15pm CDT
“Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits” is now available on Crunchyroll


Cooking With Anime: Meat Bun from Kakuriyo -Bed and Breakfast for Spirits-

July 27, 2018 10:00am CDT
This mysterious bun filled with meat and potato looks so good… and it’s the perfect portable snack!


Kakuriyo - Official SimulDub Clip - Monjayaki


Kakuriyo - Official SimulDub Clip - Impurities


Kakuriyo - Official SimulDub Clip - Breakfast


Kakuriyo - Official SimulDub Clip - Secret Liquor


Kakuriyo - Official SimulDub Clip - Umi-Bouzu