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LEGO Friends Takes a Visit to KidsClick

December 7, 2018

Whoops somehow this fell off my radar.

Kidsclick has been completely discontinued as of March 31, 2019. The website and all social media accounts have all been shut down.

From Wiki:

KidsClick ended quietly on March 31, 2019 with an airing of Oggy and The Cockroaches; all advertising made no mention of its demise, and the promotional spot at the end of the show mentioned it would return Saturday morning. For the vast majority of stations carrying it, temporary or permanent paid programming, religious programming, other syndicated content, or alternate E/I-complaint shows will overlay the former timeslot, while various TBD content replaced it on that network. Several days later, the block’s website was taken down, with the domain redirected to the main Sinclair corporate page.

Instead of deleting everything, I’ll just go ahead and lock this now to be part of TAN forum history.