Leviathan ~The Last Defense~ / Zettai Boei Leviatan

Episode 8 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 12 –


The spring has been restored and that little boy has a lot of friends now. It seems that the girls are the “chosen ones”. That’s interesting!

The girls are back and very happy to be home. Mostly anyway – Leviathan’s brother still hasn’t returned. Syrop congratulates the girls, saying that their trip was good training for the Aquafall Defense. They are stronger now and have improved their teamwork. She asks them again to join the Aquafall Defense. Jormungand and her sisters will join, but her sisters are much too young. Bahamut joins as well, but Leviathan refuses, saying that she wants to remain in the village. This is probably because of her brother.

At Bahamut’s house, it’s reported that another Lucasite is in the area and has already destroyed a nearby town. Haruna will most likely be next and Wyvern is sent out to scout. Bahamut finally returns home and finds out about the Lucasite. Bahamut knows she will have to fight and does some research in her library. The books she finds aren’t much help, but then she finds her father’s diary. The diary contains the story of Bahamut’s mother and Bahamut finds out that her father really isn’t her father. Bahamut’s father enters the library to find it empty and his diary is on the desk. He’s saddened that he didn’t get to tell her the truth himself.

Leviathan dreams of her brother and he tells her that she must go on a journey and protect Aquafall. He tells her to go with Syrop, but Leviathan wants to wait until he comes home. She would rather stay and protect Haruna, but her brother tells her that protecting the planet is just as important. As he fades away, he tells her that she must destroy the “Eibolias” and protect all life on the planet. Leviathan wakes up and it’s already morning. Jormungand is at her house and asks her if she’s decided to join the Aquafall Defense. Leviathan tells Jormungand and Syrop her dream and what her brother said, but she still isn’t sure about it.

They decide to go to Bahamut’s house for breakfast, but are informed that Bahamut is missing. The girls decide to look for her. Inside the house, Bahamut’s father is extremely worried. His daughter is missing and Wyvern still hasn’t returned from scouting the location of the Lucasite. He wants to go out and look for Bahamut himself, but is persuaded to stay put and let the others continue the search. Meanwhile, the girls are asking around the town, but no one has seen Bahamut.

Bahamut is sitting alone on a hillside, wondering what she should do and this is where the girls find her. They want Bahamut to tell them what’s wrong, but Bahamut just wants to be alone. She says that she’s quitting the Aquafall Defense and that she doesn’t want anyone to follow her. The girls are dismayed, but Bahamut runs off. However, Syrop follows her and tries to coax Bahamut into telling her what the problem is. Bahamut finally does and tells Syrop how she feels about the father that isn’t her father. Bahamut pours out her heart and little does she know, but Leviathan and Jormungand are listening as well. Bahamut says that she doesn’t have anything to protect anymore.

Bahamut says she can’t even fight with the way she is at the moment and mentions the Lucasite. This surprises Syrop and she goes into a panic. The girls see a flare in the sky and then another that was sent up by Wyvern. The villagers gather as the Lucasite approaches, but they don’t seem to know what it is. The girls arrive and Leviathan realizes that this one-eyed Lucasite is the one that they fought at the ocean! I guess Bahamut is going to have to fight after all. And so much for Leviathan going on a journey – the fight has come to her instead!

Episode 9 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 13 –


The Aquafall Defense, minus one, goes off to fight the Lucasite. Bahamut stays behind. The village is evacuated, and during that, Bahamut runs into her father. She tries to run away from him, but he grabs her arm and tells her that nothing will change the fact that she’s his daughter. He wants her to evacuate as well and tells her that he will protect the town. He runs off and leaves her there.

Wyvern tries to attack the Lucasite on her own, but it isn’t working. She’s joined by Cockatrice, but the two of them soon realize that they’re no match for this thing and the Lucasite quickly defeats the both of them. Leviathan and Jormungand decide to transform, but Syrop wants them to wait for Bahamut, certain that she will be joining them. Syrop tells Leviathan to summon Yurlungur instead, but none of them have a sphere. Bahamut’s father arrives just in time to give them one. Leviathan summons Yurlungur and orders him to defeat the Lucasite. I think they’re going to need more than Yurlungur to win this fight!

Yurlungur knocks the Lucasite over, but Toripu are released. Bahamut’s father knows magic! He creates a barrier, but isn’t sure how long he can hold it. Yurlungur attacks again and loses, returning to his swamp. The girls decide to attack while the Lucasite is still down, but that boy appears and tells them that it will be useless with just the two of them. Bahamut’s father looks over at the boy and notices that his shadow is that of a dragon. The boy smiles at him and disappears, leaving the man to wonder who he was.

The Lucasite begins to roll over and Jormungand goes to keep it busy until Bahamut arrives. Leviathan goes to join her. Meanwhile, Bahamut is sitting alone in the empty village. Jormungand’s sisters are running along with a sphere and fall in front of her. The little girls tell her that they are taking the sphere to Jormungand and Bahamut offers to take it. However, Jormungand’s sisters want to fight too. Bahamut tells them that it’s too dangerous and that they should evacuate to the mines. Bahamut finds her resolve and proudly declares herself part of the Aquafall Defense. She takes charge of the sphere and runs off to find her friends with Jormungand’s sisters cheering her on.

Leviathan’s and Jormungand’s attacks do nothing and the Lucasite is back on its feet again. The Lucasite hits the barrier that Bahamut’s father is holding up, but the monster easily breaks right through it. Bahamut’s father is thrown back and the Lucasite just keeps coming. Bahamut finally shows up and has to explain to her father why she’s there, telling him that she will protect him now. The three girls transform and fly off to do their job. Bahamut is just about to use the sphere when they are attacked. The sphere falls and lands in a tree without breaking.

The Lucasite launches a full attack and none of the girls can get to the tree where the sphere is. Leviathan gets some courage form her brother and protects Bahamut while she retrieves the sphere. She summons Fire Drake and orders it to burn the Lucasite. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to work either. Bahamut adds her power to the Fire Drake’s and Leviathan follows suit with her evolved power. The shell of the Lucasite finally cracks a bit and now it’s Jormungand’s turn. Leviathan covers her as Jormungand hits the Lucasite with her axe, splitting it in two!

Leviathan hears her brother’s voice again, telling her that she did a good job. The boy is nearby and has observed the victory of the Aquafall Defense. The villagers cheer with happiness and Bahamut returns to her father. Bahamut has comes to terms with their relationship and the two of them will be just fine now. Bahamut tells Syrop that she will be joining the Aquafall Defense after all and tells her father that she will be going on a journey, with her friends, in order to protect the planet.

They day they are to leave, they are asked to stay and protect the village, but Leviathan makes her case and the girls are finally wished luck on their journey. Jormungand’s sisters want to go as well, but Jormungand tasks them with looking after their dads. Funny that the restaurant was destroyed once again! LOL But it figures. The Aquafall Defense finally starts out on their journey, but they are hardly out of the village when they meet that boy again. He still doesn’t tell them who he is, but he does tell them that they aren’t yet strong enough to protect the planet. However, he looks forward to them protecting “the pillars of the world”. That seemed to surprise Syrop and she looks back to find the boy gone. Then her stomach growls and the girls have a good laugh.

The boy is back at the ruins with the others and it’s said that there are seventy two pillars that “support the foundation of the world” and that there are seventy two gods protecting “the keystone”. Are these kids the gods? Are these ruins the keystone? There is so much more of the story to tell. I hope it means a second season! This anime was surprisingly good, not at all what I thought it was going to be, and I really liked the story. Hope to see more!

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Episode 12 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 13 :end: (Sub) is live at ANO

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Official Leviathan - The Last Defense - English Dub Voice Cast

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About Leviathan -The Last Defense-

The land of Aquafall is a paradise, where life in all forms flourishes in peace and abundance. But when meteors rain down, each impact spawns hideous monsters sent by an enemy that wants to claim the green world for its own! Fortunately, the fairy Syrup is on guard and knows exactly what to do, and recruits an extraordinary team of young women to form the Aquafall Defenders.

There’s the incredibly strong Jormungand, the fire-conjuring Bahamut, and the water-bending Leviathan. Unfortunately, none of them are ideal warrior material, and Syrup will have her work cut out for her when it comes to teaching them to work together. Even if they manage to survive and unite as a team, can three lone girls really turn the tide of an alien invasion? Well, it might help that they’ve all got a little bit of Dragon in them!

Director - Chris Ayres

English Vocal Cast
Leviathan - Caitlynn French
Bahamut - Hilary Haag
Jormungandr - Brittney Karbowski
Syrup - Monica Rial
Leviathan’s Brother - Leraldo Anzaldua
Raige Row - David Wald
Ceto - Molly Searcy
Mushussu - Carli Mosier
Tsuchinoko - Allison Sumrall
Ainsel - Genevieve Simmons
Oltead - George Manley
Investigator - John Swasey
Ceto - Molly Searcy
Sphinx - Nancy Novotny
Narrator - Allison Sumrall
Metal - Margaret McDonald
Travis - Andrew Love
Boy from The World Pillar - Shannon Emerick

Caitlynn French, Hilary Haag, Brittney Karbowski Star in Leviathan English Dub

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Blu-ray, DVD to ship February 3

Episodes 1-13 (Dub) are live at ANO

Leviathan - the last defense - Official Trailer

Just started watching this one, since I missed it when it was a Sentai show, and they just put it up on Crunchyroll with the dub!

And it’s really cute!

A question though.

Are their scales part of them, or are they like their panties?

I ask this for the simple fact that in the swimsuit episode, they don’t have any scales when they’re wearing their swimsuits…

Just finished it this evening.

It was fun watch! Quite a bit mindless, but compared to other anime based on a mobile game I’ve seen, it was a really good show!

Also, Leviathan turns into a REB! :heart:

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