Local interviews with the locals


so had a interview with slow

kyouta ; so how is work goin for ya slow since that anime has become more popular in the us

slowhand ; its been busy and like the work but the only thing is that i hate anime

well there you have it folks slow is on her job lol

here the old thread


new interview with slowhand

youre not goin to believe the responds

kyouta we all would like to know who had the name slowhand first

slowhand im the real slowhand had the name first and im goin to sue that no good mother fukin bith for stealing my name

well that answers my question
well ok hope you get a good lawyer


interview with slowhand

kyouta what are your plans when youre done with TAN

slowhand dont know bit*h im not Rai and whats with all these interview about me

well folks we will have more interviews
but not of slowhand may be we can get one of @ladyofwicca

so stay tune for our next interview


goin to try to interview these two members wolfo and wolfie

and ask them a question are they related

stay tune for the story


kyouta well @pretearhimeno you have the respected badge so do you feel respected

pretear yes do feel respected but only post in one thread and that’s in my own thread per say as pre says

so it seems like pretear is a respected gamer in the forum games


Kyouta : so @MaouSadao was wondering are you obsessed with squid girl

Maou : whats obsessed got to do with it I just love it


kyouta Hey @ladyofwicca how does it feel to be the boss

Lady feel like a new lady might start my own Dungeon and do some whipping

there you have it there are two Mistresses in town ( fellas watch out )