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Made in Abyss


Made in Abyss, Ep 11, is live at Anime Strike


Made in Abyss, Ep 12, is live at Anime Strike


Made in Abyss, Ep 13, is live at Anime Strike


Made in Abyss, Blu-ray & DVD BOX CM (Nanachi)


This Week in Anime - Made in Abyss Made Us Cry Like Little Babies

by Nicholas Dupree and Steve Jones, Oct 3rd 2017


ANN Interview: Made in Abyss Composer Kevin Penkin

by Callum May, Oct 4th 2017


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^^^^ More pics.


That Abyss map better be included in the hopefully forthcoming PBS for the show


those are some pretty nice art.


ANN Review: Made in Abyss, Episodes 1-13 Streaming

by Nick Creamer, Oct 25th 2017






Made in Abyss Anime Gets Sequel

posted on 2017-11-26 03:08 EST
1st 13-episode series based on Akihito Tsukushi’s manga premiered in July


Adorable Gif Welcomes Back “Made In Abyss” Explorers

November 27, 2017 5:00pm CST
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Q. Can you please dub Made in Abyss and Princess Principal? Those are two of the best shows of last season, and I think they deserve a quality dub from Sentai!

A. Request has been noticed! Thank you.~


Q. Made in Abyss has a higher Score then Spirited Away and Cowboy BeBop. The Score is almost as high as Clannad: After Story. I highly recommend you get a dub out for it as soon as possible if you like money. Proof:

A. Request has been noted.~


Since i got a late start on this one (thx Amazon), I just finished it.

And I have some questions b/c some of the stuff in the final eps just threw me for a loop.

1.) From the brutal flashback, are we supposed to infer that :rabbit: amassed her collection of Cave Raider gear because she kidnapped and killed a bunch of them? The flashback in ep 13 shows her kidnapping, torturing, and murdering innocent Cave Raider…

2.) Since Ozen the Immoveable is so strong, how did she get roughed up by street thugs on the surface?

4.) What’s up with all the loli/shotacon skeevy stuff ? :scream::see_no_evil: