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Made in Abyss

My thoughts on the delay .

Though that will be pretty bad if K-on is actually on time with Princess Principal already pushed back to then .


Made In Abyss, Ep 1 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Top 5 Emotional MADE IN ABYSS Moments

10/23/2018 11:01:19 AM

WARNING : Before you read, we must warn you that this blog contains MASSIVE spoilers. If you wish to be spoiler free, then do not delve any further.

You should turn back now.

You wish to continue despite what awaits? Very well.

Venture forth, brave adventurer!

Do you have the fire of wanderlust within you? Will you follow in the footsteps of those who came before and explore the unknown? The Age of Exploration has come and gone. Our satellites have mapped even the most remote land masses. Yet, the hidden places of the Earth are still awaiting discovery.

Despite all our technology, we have yet to fully explore the ocean depths. Only a select handful of us have set foot inside the deepest cave systems, and that’s only the ones we know of.

Which brings us to the mysterious Abyss: An unfathomable, gaping maw that continuously leads downwards into the unknown secrets of the world. Two brave explorers will now follow the footsteps of all those who came before. But their quest will not be without scars.

MADE IN ABYSS is as haunting as it is beautiful and is filled with many emotional moments. Today, we will discuss five of them.



I’d have been shocked by Made in Abyss airing on Toonami, it has way too much uncomfortable content.

It was an addictive show though, which makes it unfortunate that the skeeviness certainly makes it a hard sell.


Made In Abyss, Ep 2 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Shelf Life - Made in Abyss

by Paul Jensen, Gabriella Ekens, Nov 5th 2018


That makes me want it on home video even more .
Hopefully I can re-order the PBS around the end of the month .


I was wondering if the “elephant in the room” would be addressed and ANN gave a whole paragraph to the sketchier side of the show.

Is it weird that ANN’s review hypes the show’s music but I don’t remember any of it offhand? It just didn’t make an impression, I guess.

This is one I’d consider rewatching dubbed, but I’m not sure if the physical collection is for me, maybe I’d go for Land of the Lustrous instead, it’s got that old-school ADV steelbook :wink:


Made In Abyss, Ep 3 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Made in Abyss Anime’s 2 Compilation Films Previewed in Videos

posted on 2018-11-12 02:30 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
1st film debuts on January 4 followed by 2nd on January 18


Made In Abyss, Ep 4 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Sentai Filmworks License Announcement for Made In Abyss Films

November 16, 2018

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Made in Abyss Films

posted on 2018-11-16 16:36 EST by Karen Ressler
Made in Abyss compilation films to open in theaters


I think it’s those ‘uncomfortable content’ and ‘skeeviness’ + solid story that make it stand out all the more. Like Big Mouth on Netflix: a coming of age story, one with all the ’ rainbows’ and ‘sewage’.


Made In Abyss, Ep 5 (Dub), is live at HIDIVE


Made in Abyss Premium Box Set Blu-Ray Unboxing | Right Stuf Anime




Stop it! @Slowhand . :wink:


Nope. Not gonna do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a great set. Too bad I can’t afford it right now