Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms / Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō

ANN Review - Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms Blu-Ray

by Theron Martin, Mar 1st 2019

Relive Maquia’s Emotional Roller Coaster with 1-Year Anniversary Exhibit

posted on 2019-03-02 13:45 EST by Kim Morrissy

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Watch Animator Toshiyuki Inoue Dissect His Drawing Techniques on Maquia

posted on 2019-05-25 13:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

MAQUIA Limited Edition Unboxing with Xanthe Huynh

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This Week in Anime - Maquia Will Make You Cry

by Nicholas Dupree & Christopher Farris, Dec 22nd 2022

Mari Okada’s Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms Film Plans Fifth Anniversary Revival Screenings

January 23, 2023 11:27pm CST
P.A. Works-animated fantasy earned 350 million yen from its theatrical run

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Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms Anime Film Rescreens in Japan Starting on February 23

posted on 2023-01-29 01:15 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
2018 film from P.A. Works, Mari Okada will screen in 70 theaters for 8 days