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March is MAM!


Chocolate bunnies


Hope you also like Reese’s peanut butter cups Snowy :wink:


Got the chips but everybody can bring their own secret dipping sauce


Hope you guys like reeses eggs

MOD EDIT: fixed link


Egg salad is great for the holiday season so dig in


Your recipe is ok. It needs Old Bay though :wink:


well thanks at least it looks appetizing and not burnt


Wait. How do you burn egg salad?


well im not a cook but if you have the eggs boiling to long they can get burnt


Really? Never came across that problem before. But then again there are those people who can catch water on fire :grimacing:


yes that is true but you cook maou if you do you should post some on your cooking’s at the whats cooking thread for we cook see you in action


Maybe I will. :blush:

My dishes arent the prettiest though…


well we dont care if their not chef looking dishes as long as they look homemade and dont forget to add the old bay :grinning:








Well, it’s over already! Here’s a final breakfast. Thanks to all for another good year!



its march moddness month where all the mods get some goodies
heres a lil something for our mods






Those look like edible Christmas ornaments like candy canes lol