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June 28, 2015

Just so everyone knows the replacement DVDs for both Super Robot Wars and Koe De Ashigoto have shipped.

You still have time to send in your bad discs for replacements!

Hi Everyone,

We have seen the posts about the faulty discs of Yosuga No Sora and have looked into the issue immediately. I will give Wilson Mowies lots of credit!

We had to go frame by frame but yes there is one flash frame of Japanese credits in the omake. Exactly 1. That is amazing that he caught it cause we could only catch it after going frame by frame in the program. Our QC company was impressed and may contact him for extra work cause you would have to have amazing eye awareness to catch it. If you are not starring you will miss it or going frame by frame.

Cause now we have a DVD on Demand Server here we are correcting it and let you guys know how to exchange if the flash frame is an issue for anyone. Just one of the many advantages of using a DVD on Demand System as we are not stuck with thousands of these with this issue now.

Also we are now printing a new batch of sleeves and will be putting a more clear explanation of the run times and stating that this is DVD-R product as we did with Holy Knight. Last we are taking a look at doing the encode at higher bandwidth to see any significant difference in quality.

One frame, pretty amazing you folks look at these shows that intently. Good work to everyone. We will keep you all updated.

Well, at least it wasn’t like Fight Club:wink:

Nice of Media Blasters to tackle the issue. I wonder how a single frame of credits managed to appear in the midst of an omake though.

Media Blasters Facebook Page

The biggest concern for me is that I simply cannot get my head around officially licensed product being sold for hard earned cash on DVD-R. As in, I really feel like I must be missing something here. I equate anime on DVD-R with bootleg quality.

If I spend my money on anime in today’s financial climate, I really do expect it to be on media that doesn’t have such notorious lifespan issues. I’d like to be able to dig out my DVDs and watch them again in a few years confident that they won’t have corrupted - and without that assurance, I’m not laying my money down for product.

I REALLY hope there’s something I’m missing here.

I understand what you are saying but I have to disagree with your conclusion that DVD-R has a short life span. It all depends on the DVD-R media and the burner.

I believe people think we are using a tower and inkjet printer that you could find online. We are using industrial grade, thermal printing machines that are used by the studios. The difference in print and burn quality can not be compared. The cost of our DVD-Rs are much higher and higher in quality than pressed discs. Pressed discs cost about 10 cents or so each while we pay closer to 40 cents each for higher grade on DVD 5 side now on the DVD 9 we are buying verbatim top lime that can go up to about 80 cents or more each while the pressed DVD 9s are going for may be 25 cents.

But honestly this is not the reason you buy the DVD is cause of the media, it is cause of the transfer being used. A 1080p broadcast burned BD of a show will never look as good or sharp as a BD burned from the original source. You buy from the publisher cause you are getting from the quality, not the media.

Not to mention all the other stuff I mentioned earlier of print quality.

Media Blasters FB Page
July 12, 2015

When it comes to DVD releases, what kind of extras do you like to see included for sub-only releases? What about extras you like for releases with dubs, or hentai releases? And yes, we know you all want to see some bluray releases in the future too…we hear you.

Also, in a sudden turn of events Koe de Oshigato sold out at CTCon yesterday!

Still no news on YamiBo? I haven’t counted yet, but I’d wager that I’ve gotten at least 50 “We’re working on it” emails from RightStuf about my pending-for-years order of that title.

I seriously hope that it will be dubbed. I also hope it won’t be a print-on-demand DVD-R, as that wasn’t on the table when I pulled the trigger on the preorder.

[quote=“celestial_being, post:57, topic:2025”]
Still no news on YamiBo? I haven’t counted yet, but I’d wager that I’ve gotten at least 50 “We’re working on it” emails from RightStuf about my pending-for-years order of that title.[/quote]
If you’ve been receiving emails from RightStuf in the last few days, you should read these posts.

[size=16]Media Blasters to Dub Aki Sora: Yume no Naka Anime[/size]
posted on 2015-08-08 03:45 EDT
Kitty Media already released anime of Masahiro Itosugi’s manga on subtitled DVD

Kitty Media just shared their latest acquisition, KanojoxKanojoxKanojo! We have been quite busy in the Media Blasters offices!

Sound Cadence Studios?

In house Dubbing Studio name?

Mark Gosdin

###Rio - Rainbow Gate! Anime to Get English Dub
posted on 2016-02-28 12:00 EST
Crunchyroll and Blu-ray Disc release planned for English dub

Wow, ANN sure was slow on this, you’d already gotten the news out 4 days ago lol.


###Press Release: Strawberry Panic Fresh Picked for V.O.D.
Mar 22nd 2016

Well, that’s just disappointing.

If RightStuf hadn’t canceled all the outstanding preorders when they retooled their site, I’d still have this on pre-order…and I did have it on pre-order for years. It’s been so long that I’m not even sure why I pre-ordered it in the first place lol.

###Media Blasters: Our Tentative Convention Schedule
Apr 2016

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