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From this list, I suppose I am a traditionalist, although I prefer mustard and sauerkraut - no onions!


I usually like onions and ketchup but from this list…

You have a deep respect for tradition.


And if I don’t like hot dogs?


Honey Mustard, Relish & Grated Cheese. Had one for lunch. :grin:

Mark Gosdin


My coffee cup is grey, but I have a bunch of company logo cups I don’t use - of course the company I work for has changed names 7 times in the last 10 years and I got them for free when the name changed. :confounded:

Mark Gosdin


Tired of name changes yet? Stay awake with some coffee in our newest coffee mugs until the next one. :grin:



2 - Roman


3 - Greek


1-2 Some crazy hybrid of Egyptian and Roman. My big toe lines up with the next one, but the other other slopes down.

  1. Egyptian


Ditto. I guess I really am a mutt! LOL



[details=My Score]

180 - Boy Nobody[/details]

My Score

210 - Boy Nobody


I think you are more brutal than I am as a potential secret agent! :laughing:


[details=My Score]
90 - Assassin[/details]

My Score

120 - Potential Threat