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I’m an Exorcist…


God that’s hard to read…

I’m a Mage


What Should Be Your Witchcraft?

Elemental Spell

Your witchcraft is elemental spells! You are a nature lover who feels most spiritual when in a garden, park, or beach. You would use your spells to control the environment and protect the world from natural disasters.

What Should Be Your Witchcraft?

Love Spell

Your witchcraft is Love Spells! You are a romantic who always follows their heart. Your spells may be for your own love life as well as spreading love and peace around the world.



Really Slow? I don’t see you in that kind of role…



I couldn’t believe it either, but I took it twice with different answers and got the same result.


Very interesting. Perhaps you are just a softie at heart!

Sorry to expose you!

What Should Be Your Witchcraft?

Luck Spell
Your witchcraft would be luck spells. You are somebody who believes that luck and chance play large factors in the game of life. You would use your powers to create good luck for all individuals around the world who deserve it.


What’s wrong with this image?


Well, besides the fact that no one is actually sitting there, working -

What's wrong with this image?

The calendar - June 31 - no such day!


There is no June 31


Everyone else beat me.



Tough choice!

But, I shall choose Morgan Freeman.


Can’t go wrong with Easy Reader:


I’ll be different and go with James Earl Jones. (“This Is CNN”)


Neither–I choose Samuel L. Jackson!


There’s one in every crowd…



But wouldn’t the narration be EPIC???