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Lol, I would solo choose James Earl Jones

Whoa yea, I totally screwed that post up.





Have to go with Cheeto-fingers.


Same here, lol tasty.


I’d rather leave orange prints than be choking all the time.



I’ll go for the $5 million…


I probably would as well. It doesn’t say you have to stay awake! LOL

I would really love a dream job too. But I guess I could do that after retirement.


As I get older, I find I don’t really care what others think about me, my body or my thoughts. So, hey, if people want to look, go for it.


I would of course go for the money, hey getting naked is easy! A dream job really isn’t a job, it’s something you enjoy regardless and I would love to have one but the glorious feeling of not having to worry about the bills again? I’ll get naked for that any day :slight_smile:


Naked for one year for $5 mnillion in a blank room? yeah it would be rough, but I think I could do it.


(Sneaks in. Sets up spy cam in room. Sneaks out.)


That’ll be $5 :wink:


Naked / white room for $5 mil.


Since I’m on SSD Survivor’s benefits, it’d be about the same for working the job I love. As for sitting naked in a white room, it would depend. What’s the temperature in the room? Are there windows and do people congregate at those windows?

One more thing–the question said it’s “$5 million a year” not “$5 million for a year.”

Bottom line–I don’t know just yet. I think I’d get bored too quickly.



Shut my hand in every door. Better than a concussion or a broken leg.


Can I say neither? LOL


Shut my hand in every door you open. Between the two, possibly less painful.