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Moe and body pillows entering mainstream US culture?


On last night’s 30 Rock:

Video Link:


Here’s a better clip (the full episode from NBC’s Hulu section - go to around 4 min in):


This is the last thing we as anime fans need right now.


I have Roy Mustang pillows, but I don’t think that counts as Moe…lol Plus, I don’t really have relationship with them :stuck_out_tongue:


blakdragon7 wrote:

I say more anime and anime related stuff in mainstream and non-anime stuff i.e. shows, games, american toons, etc only helps in spreading the 'may gospel.

Like this one from GTA Ballad of Gay Tony:

Spread the gospel…

…i said spread it…(shakes fist)


dragonrider_cody wrote:

gasp WANT - NOW!!

Thank heavens for that! :wink:


I would really rather the mainstream never be aware of such things existing. I know I was a better person with happier thoughs before I knew of such things, of course that was many a year ago, when I was a young child. But still…I really don’t want people to know about things like this lol. Gives anime a bad rap.


Eh thats cool maybe then it wont seem so weird when I have an anti-anime speech with the audience being nothing more than 100 full body anime characters in that park… but on a serious note… main stream is bad… if anime fans are not picked on enough the people now know the weird habits of some of the fans(like me)…


I think it’s good for a minimal amount of exposure; ya never know how content is going to effect people and there’s the possibility it’ll spark an interest.